Special Ops: PvP Sniper Shooter is an adrenaline-pumping shooting game that puts your sniper skills to the test. Engage in intense player versus player battles as you take on the role of a highly trained sniper. With a wide range of weapons at your disposal, you must strategically position yourself and take out your opponents with precision. Customize your loadout, unlock powerful upgrades, and compete with players from around the world. Are you ready to become a legendary sniper and reign supreme in Special Ops: PvP Sniper Shooter?

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- Resources: 100 ammo, 50 medkits, 30 grenades, 20 camouflage suits. Items: Night vision goggles, sniper rifle scope. Gold: 1000. Gems: 500. Money: $10000. Diamonds: 100. Rubies: 50. Equipment: Bulletproof vest, silencer.

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- Gold,200 gems, $5000,25 diamonds, 5000 resources, scoped rifle, night vision goggles, healing potions, ammo pack, camouflage suit.

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wnkiWLC7198October 24, 2023
Wcojxm3CJz239October 21, 2023
IGCqSvX7y475October 6, 2023
B2HqEtyuYPG670October 31, 2023
F421mrJM7c208November 9, 2023

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Hi im new review comment to fix this dont say stupid game and dont say issues the one person was good rate 5 stars the play store says no bad words and no issues i rate it 5 stars to

Hi im new of this review fix this game when start the the game is loading and it starts the it freeze fix this stupid game

The control panel is okay but I wish we could control it on our phone with a PS4 controller it would have been way better and the graphics you stay in the same two places for the beginning and some people do not like that and that's kind of like me so I hope that can like change and stuff but the gameplay is awesome.

Wow really nice game. Needs more locations and more tactical missions, they look so simple and control is kind of difficult when you try controlling the aim with the left thumb it automatically picks the navigation for movement which most times makes me slow and I get killed. But it's really a great game. Try adding multiplayer and also modify your gun sounds add barrie's for hiding, also a crouching control too. Standing makes it difficult to aim. 🖤

Have to give it just the one,for it has 2 major issues that if they are corrected would be worth at least a 3,could be more,as it stands these issues keep me from wanting to play it to find out anything of the game,issue (1) cannot fire from the left side,if this one thing was fixed it would take care of issue 2,which is the fact that you cannot properly fire and lift the weapon or control it you have to stop firing to line up with target,I've tried playing this game a few times the last 2 yrs

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Fun Special Forces Group Anti-Terrorism Sniper 3d Offline Warfare Shooting Games v1.3.0
Welcome to Special Forces Group, Soldier!
-Hotfixes and performance improvements.
-Added Zombie Hospital map.
Don't forget give 5 star to encourage us, more update on the way!

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