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Last update November 23, 2023

Mr Gun is an addictive mobile game that keeps players hooked for hours on end. With a simple yet exciting concept, the game challenges you to shoot down your enemies with your trusty firearm. Your accuracy and timing skills will be put to the test as you try to hit moving targets and dodge incoming bullets. As you progress through the levels, you can unlock new weapons and upgrade your arsenal for more firepower. Prepare yourself for a thrilling adventure filled with non-stop action in Mr Gun!

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f7Bp92GFXz723December 1, 2023

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Mr Gun Tier List

I've seen plenty of ads for this game and deciced to give it a try. turns out to be a fun little game that doesnt have too much to it. There is still room for improvement to make the game a little more interesting and "addicting". 1. Add a type of health system without having to pay 2. New backgrounds other than solid colors; forests with bushes in the way, caves with stalactites hanging down, etc... 3. Harder levels; not just bosses have health and adding obstructions like boxes.

The game is fantastic, sure there are a decent amount of ads but you can learn to deal with it. It seems the developers haven't updated the game in over 2 years, other than the empty upgrade slot that still says "coming soon", I'd like if there was a randomize option for the guns. If every time you started a new round, you auto equipped a new gun that's in your arsenal. That would add a whole new feature to the game that would make it fun and maybe a bit challenging. So developers, update!

This game is amazing! It is very addictive and a great time killer! I play this game all the time! Although this game is really good, I still think you guys could fix/add some things to it. For example could you please make the elite access cheaper, $5.99 per week is ridiculous, instead you should do like $0.99 per week or $5.99 per month or something like that (you guys would still be making bank btw). Also could you guys add a "states" system or something to show how many bullets you've shot.

So the game is super cool, it's fluid and makes you focused on it, but there's a down. Ads. Ads everywhere. After cleaning a level, dying a few times, it destroys your focus and you end up losing right after finishing the ad (so no long headshot streak, yay). Want to remove the ads ? You will need to pay a monthly subscription. Yes, you read this right, not a one-time purchase. TL;DR: Great gameplay greatly affected by ads very frequently thrown at you, destroying the experience.

I like the game so far, but there needs to be a way to increase your accuracy and/or range, aiming speed, etc. That was one star. the ads after a certain amount of plays were a bit frustrating. Yes I understand ad revenue, but there other ways for this. Also, you don't get the coins very often. This makes it difficult to use the market. that was the other star.

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