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Last update November 23, 2023

Shootout 3D is an addictive shooting game that puts your accuracy and reflexes to the test. In this game, you become a skilled gunman taking on various action-packed missions. From rescuing hostages to taking down criminals, each level presents a new challenge. With realistic graphics and smooth fingertip controls, Shootout 3D offers a thrilling gaming experience. Aim accurately, time your shots perfectly, and become the ultimate sharpshooter. Can you complete all the challenging levels and claim the title of the best gunman in Shootout 3D?

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H84nMao0660December 11, 2023
JIHBUK6bpQ636December 3, 2023
9VIzJHoFk473January 8, 2024
W3pDG2v6ieC405December 1, 2023
FBhfLdagp4679November 30, 2023

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The game itself is pretty enjoyable but oh my god, the ads. I understand you need ad revenue, but having an ad after every. Single. Level. Is just obnoxious and really takes away from the game, especially considering that most levels can be beaten in literally about 10 seconds. 10 second level, then 30 second ad, means this game is literally 75% ads. Please change this... Having an ad after every few levels is fine but after every single one is just annoying.

The game was ok, but there were too many ads. I understand that the developers need to make money, but jeez! This game had an ad every 30 sec-1 minute! Not to mention that if you didn't complete a level and you got out of the game, once you got back into the game it made you restart the whole level, even if you had gotten really close to the boss. It was tricky trying to aim at people because the 'controls' are wack

This game begins to recycle levels a little after 15 levels in. There is an ad after almost every success, defeat, or restart. The fact that it prompts you to rate the game within one of the earliest levels is probably to conceal that the game gets repetitive and not much is done with an otherwise fun puzzle concept past the early game. To make it more accessible to players like me, I'd like more challenging puzzles and at least some interesting variation in level design.

I don't usually rate apps. This game would be really fun and relaxing if I could actually play it. This is the laggiest game I have played in a while. I kept getting the "Shootout 3D has stopped responding" message every 5 seconds. It wasn't responding to my movements half the time because of the lag. When I finally hot to the first boss, which wasn't even hard but it took five minutes. The game crashed and made me restart. No idea what the boss even is.

The game has a cool concept and it changed visually thru the levels slightly. The problem is it never gets harder, it's always way too easy to figure out and most puzzles are easier than the previous ones. There is also an ad every every level... and it constantly pops up with a thing to buy a $14.99 thing to remove ads.

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