Talking Tom Gold Run is a continuation of the well-known series of games in which you will once again prove to everyone around you that you are an excellent leader. Is the main character ready to compromise with certain segments of the population, among which, both the oligarchs and the common people, sometimes there are mafia bosses. Believe me, as soon as you show weakness, you will quickly lose your own power.

Pleased with the design of the game, as well as musical accompaniment, the dynamism of the tours, the energy of the gameplay in general. Do not give up ahead of time, show restraint and improve your personal skills, the result will not make you unambiguously impressive.

Active Talking Tom Gold Run VIP Codes

EVAFRTxxxxx Get

- Gold x7291K, Gems x328, Coins x45279

mb8nJVxxxxx Get

- Diamonds x847, Money x86572, Resources x4638K

Talking Tom Gold Run Codes

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Gift CodesExpiration DateTotal
Ppcf0v1i4FdMarch 10, 2023151
ad5m6kw8hEq9April 1, 2023951
lGjv3xwI06April 2, 2023697
Ld8Kiq4SQV5March 7, 2023817
94Eg1DWGNxBApril 25, 2023237

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  • Step 2: Enter the code in the gift code' box and press 'Confirm' to receive the reward.
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Absolutely love this game! Better than any other similar running games. Interesting locations, entertaining missions, great quality and you don't get bored playing it for a long time! As for the ads, I would recommend playing it with wifi & mobile data off. With no internet connection you don't get any ads so that's not an issue for me at all. Once again, love this game, totally recommend it!

This is an awesome game for any age. It's like subway surfers, and if you play that you will 100% like this. I know the ads are a big turn off, but since its offline, you can turn off your WiFi and it will not process any more ads. Hope this helped. 👍

This Is ONE Of The Most Awesome Game's I've Ever Had The Privilege To PLAY! I've Played it Before, A few Years Ago on A Different Mobile I Had Back then? & As I Recall There Weren't As Many Ad's? That's The Only Thing I Would Change About it! Wouldn't Have Quite So, 😞 Many Ad's. Otherwise It's A Perfect Game Too ME! Absolutely Love IT!!! very Addictive!!

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Talking Tom is ready to run, jump and chase down Roy Rakoon. Bug fixes and minor gameplay improvements.

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