Naval Armada: Battleship games bring the thrill of naval warfare right to your fingertips. Engage in epic battles on the high seas as you command your very own armada of battleships. Strategize your moves, navigate treacherous waters, and take down enemy ships with precision and skill. Unlock powerful upgrades and unlock new ships as you progress through challenging levels. Experience the excitement of being a naval commander and conquer the seas in Naval Armada: Battleship games. Are you ready to face off against formidable opponents and reign supreme?

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- 75 gold, 3 rubies, 50 gems, 2 equipment, 200 resources, 100 diamonds, 500 money, and 1 item.

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- 100 gold, 50 gems, $5000, 10 diamonds, 20 resources, 5 powerful equipment, 30 useful items.

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n9CkFGqc313October 8, 2023
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QdOAVyNLF1v383November 10, 2023
2mCk70yp4W131October 4, 2023

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***EDIT*** In response to the question below..... Allowing one to actually aim their guns at the enemy would be a huge start. An aiming system that allows for windage adjustment but not elevation, is an incomplete aiming system. And THANK YOU for responding! ***END EDIT*** Controls are horrible, nothing at all like their tank games controls which work pretty well. You cannot adjust your aim for elevation, the only "adjustment" is to move the ship closer or further from the enemy.. Uninstalled.

I like the modern ships since no one has done them before, but needs some much better gameplay and mechanics. Right now it is just a spawn camping fest, and there is little strategy with the unlimited lives. Take a look at other games like World of Warships and have some teamplay etc. Have teams spawn on each side of map, defence against missiles with CIWS. I will keep an eye on this one though and hope it gets better.

Am greatful for your extensive and excellent work. You have quenched my thirst for naval games with modern warships... But not to what is expected. I expected free offline mode,and challenges, with good ship controls, a camera control that can zoom in or out ,Improve the graphics further. Finally try and make the game available offline...Am in Africa and have to use Netherlands server, not cool.

The game is good, very good, but i think it needs more work on many things, on the graphic, on the rewards and on the playing system. And i think the rewards need to be more than now to help players to improve thire battleships. Ihope my opinion was nice to improve the game because i like this game. Thank you all. :)

Enjoyed it but eventually got fed up of the long ads it "forces" you to watch. Min 30 seconds after each game and each time you want to get "free" rewards. It's kinda pay to win and it's not that bad so I tolerated that but the ads is what killed me. Those you can only skip after 5 seconds annoy me but these 30 seconds things are ridiculous.

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The most realistic sea battles and survival battles online! Show your powerful! Hello Captain! The update is on board!

What's new:
• New functionality "Crews"
• More consumable slots
• New combat indicators and danger warning systems
• General bug fixes and interface improvements

Enjoy the game, there is much new stuff ahead!

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