Solitaire – if you are fed up with banal card games, it’s time to test your personal strengths in unusual modes. Here you can plunge into an unforgettable adventure, or go on an expedition, exploring ancient locations filled with secrets.

In order to achieve success, as well as learn useful information, it is rational to compare card combinations, forming solitaire. There are many original plot twists ahead. Enjoy the atmosphere, solve different puzzles, meet cute characters, they will partially help you. But do not forget that there are also malicious rivals in these circles!

Active Solitaire: Treasure of Time VIP Codes

xfNzwpxxxxx Get

- Gold x6354K, Gems x184, Coins x21759

TrBgsQxxxxx Get

- Diamonds x593, Money x25146, Resources x6782K

Solitaire: Treasure of Time Codes

List of Solitaire: Treasure of Time Codes

Gift CodesExpiration DateTotal
uSec7RsajmtJuly 28, 2023754
OoujU9EaHGKXJune 22, 2023796
DULipoJG2RJune 14, 2023579
Xb6MjIQKdTEJuly 9, 2023970
PsCSO8d6UfRJuly 20, 2023441

How to exchange the promo code??

  • Step 1: Click on 'Avatar' => 'Settings' => 'Redeem Code'.
  • Step 2: Enter the code in the gift code' box and press 'Confirm' to receive the reward.
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Solitaire: Treasure of Time Tier List

Too many ads!!! Game is fun, cute story line. 5 stars if there wasn't an ad every 30 seconds. Giving the option to watch an ad for rewards is fine, I indulge in that often but much less in this game because there's one after every level, even if you fail. You need to sit through an ad to get the credit and rewards if you pass a level, then immediately an option to watch more ads for rewards. I'd watch many more ads if there were fewer forced ads and I'd be more likely to purchase with fewer ads.

I know there has to be ads, but you are very excessive with them. I like the game but it's bad when you finish a puzzle forced to watch an ad, then if you want to double rewards you watch another. While looking for items you have to play the puzzle games 5-6 times just to find what you are looking for. This game is ALL about the ADS. needless to say I'm about to uninstall it.

This game features a light-weight puzzle element to it. it's similar to solitaire, but only vaguely. You play through the campaign to get treasure pieces and advance your player's level to access harder stages. I like some of the original elements that are added to the gameplay (collecting golden cards instead of getting every card off of the table, for instance) as well as the ability to go through a level you've already beaten in order to get a better score. I don't like the stamina system.

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Solitaire: Treasure of Time Wiki

Mind Fitness: Puzzle Card Game Update 2.4.1 is here!
- Game events of the Frozen Flowers kingdom are now displayed in the Solitaire world. Play without being distracted by switching worlds and get generous rewards.
- New game background animations have been added to the Solitaire world locations. Visit them all and admire their beauty!
- Lots of technical and visual improvements which makes it even more comfortable for you to play.

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