In the year 3021, the AFC Solar Squad is on a crucial mission. They have been assigned to protect Earth’s solar panels from an imminent space attack. In their solar-powered spacecraft, the skilled team of astronauts ventures into the unknown, armed with advanced technology and a fierce determination. Together, they battle against alien invaders, using their expertise in solar energy to power their weapons and shields. The AFC Solar Squad is Earth’s last line of defense, ready to face any challenge that stands in their way.

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GOOD GOOD GOOD 👍, but!! I've been playing an awful lot. And having great fun, however there needs to more updates to fix the bugs in the game. Like on mission boss, there's so many times the claim button is not lit up! Unfortunately I miss out on the prizes I've won, plus some times after watching a short video to continue a level, my plane goes straight into the top corner and sticks, which is a waste of 10 diamonds 💎. Please sort these issues out, then the game would be perfect 👌

Your typical top down shooter: blast the bajesus out of everything to earn currency for upgrades, improvements, accessories, etc. Level 19 is not anymore difficult than the ones before it, but it's boss has instant one hit kill lasers that you cannot defend or out maneuver. Just keep replaying the level until random dumb luck he doesn't hit you with them. Seems more tedious than fun to me, uninstalling. Plenty of other games of this genre to choose from.

Game full of problems. No communication. No refunds. Upgrades dont work. Saving for better planes is pointless because the bullets dont even hit targets, just pass through enemies. When you buy something things in the shop, it foesnt tell you what you get for your cash. Trying out a plane doesnt accurately show you what the plane does. The example it shows is super powered compared to actual purchase. Now they have deleted my account after leaving this review

Game is intertwining and easy to control with one finger. But, there are so many different types of upgrades, it is confusing. If you upgrade certain items a certain way, you can loose valuable features by mistake.

Used to play this practically everyday for 2 years then it started to glitch and wouldn't play the videos for extra jewels coins etc etc so I got fed up with the bugs and uninstalled it. Pretty much losing faith in the Google store, most of the games are glitchy at best even the ones that you pay for disappointing and very poorly regulated. REPLY........ As I said I uninstalled it so I am not going to start from the beginning, thanks anyway.

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