Westland Survival: Cowboy Game is an action-packed adventure set in the Wild West. Play as a lone cowboy and immerse yourself in a world filled with bandits, outlaws, and gold mines. Engage in thrilling gunfights, ride horses and wagons, and explore vast landscapes as you strive to survive in the harsh frontier. Customize your character, build your own homestead, and trade with other players to create a thriving settlement. With stunning graphics and immersive gameplay, Westland Survival offers an authentic cowboy experience that will keep you hooked for hours.

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tvrIp7AX560January 10, 2024
mbALxdhpw1499January 14, 2024
uzDkNSeHV425December 7, 2023
ZUNxAI7DEcQ410January 16, 2024
z5drsbO9gW819November 27, 2023

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Westland Survival: Cowboy Game Tier List

It's fun and interesting very time consuming. You will die on this game not so many players. There's very few that will challenge you. The levels are easy to gain but it takes for days to build. Plus more supplies but cheap on their prices. Like, if you need to buy a gun or when they have their deals for $1.99 for a whole pack with a good decent gun and body armor can last you for a couple of runs. Just don't go to the higher level areas too often because you will lose ammo very quick

The game used to be amazing! With every update they seem to make things that were already hard to aquire and maintain minimal storage of get even hard. For example, i recently went clear across the map to the salt mine and got 3 nickel ore. I Lost at least 10x that in damage to weapons and armor not to mention the time it takes or cost it takes if you want to go quickly. Its just getting ridiculous. It really gets worse with every update.

This game gets worse with every update. I used to be able to do the "easy challenges" with a good amount of difficulty to still be fun. Now the so called "easy" quest always fail. I have some of the best equipment, weapons, healing potions in the game but still can't complete anything. I keep dieing cause my backpack to lose its spaces and I half to make a new one. The process is never ending. I used to love to play this game and now it's so rigged and I refuse to pay to play.

The game is kinda fun but there are alot of promblems still. The last update took away some of the building/repair items which was great but it still requires too many items to build or repair. Like why does it take 4 ores to make one steel bar that's stupid. Another promblem is the energy levels you barely can enjoy playing because all your energy is spent traveling to two places. The timed events are also getting harder to the point I can't even participate.

The game looked great and played well at first. Until it turned into a pure grab for my money. I paid $25 extra for upgraded equipment and add-ons. Just to lose them on an encounter with bandit. It add to the insult there does not seem to be a way to get them repaired. I wrote into there svs center and have heard nothing back. It was a waist of my time and money. I can't get the time back... but how about a refund for what I spent.

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Thrive in the Wild West! Build, hunt, craft, and battle foes! Thanksgiving season is the time of abundance. Get ready to collect special offerings this fall!

— New Battle Pass Event — Join in Nov.10th, complete the tasks and get plenty of rewards, including VIP-days and special themed items!
— Take one! — An interface improvement that allows for easily extracting a single item out of a stack.
— Additional enhancements — various other fixes and improvements.

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