Life on Earth: Evolution Game takes players on an exciting journey through the history of life on our planet. Starting from simple single-cell organisms, players must guide their species through various challenges and environments to survive and thrive. With stunning graphics and a realistic simulation, this game allows players to understand the complexities of evolution firsthand. Adaptation, mutation, and natural selection are all essential strategies to master. Will you lead your species to become dominant and evolve into complex beings, or will extinction be their fate? The fate of life on Earth is in your hands.

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- 10 wood, 5 iron, 2 gold, 3 gems, 15 money, 1 diamond, 2 rubies, 4 health potions, 1 epic sword, 5 armor pieces.

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- 1000 gold, 500 gems, $1000, 10 diamonds, 50 resources, powerful equipment, rare items.

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5MIPZ3jV120October 29, 2023
RPx0yaoF7B978November 19, 2023
iDbpun7kB907October 27, 2023
C59J1K6IAxY129October 31, 2023
tEFAHrxNX5173October 27, 2023

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Life on Earth: evolution game Tier List

I am extremely impressed with this game. The gameplay is decent, typical of an idle game, but what stands out the is it actually promotes you learning about prehistoric life! Although some of the descriptions are a bit off because of translation, instead of watching an ad to get a boost, you can answer a question about one of the creatures, which is easily accessable. Only upon failing are you given the option to watch an ad. Plus the graphics are appealing and recognizable as what they are.

Its just a really fun idle game. Im enjoying it so far with no real problems except for the main loading screen freezing a few times, but I just restart the game and it fixes. Edit: it takes a while to get a decent chunk of the game finished, I'm still in the main cell stage but it's still pretty fun. Played it for a good three days straight and then started to get bored.

Really fun and addictive and the ability to be able to skip ads with small questions are great, however sometimes I feel the ads go over the top, including having to watch them to claim rewards without getting the option to take the mini quiz. The ads are also always 30 seconds. Another thing is the cluttered interface. It's fine in the beginning but as you progress it gets in the way of the screen. Other than that, amazing game and I would definitely recommend!

This is an amazingly designed game, very impressive gameplay and interesting parts. My one problem, it was working fine for a while, however, when I recently tried opening the game, the loading screen says "Network Error, try again later" despite being connected to a decent router. I've tried resetting, restarting my phone, but nothing works. Otherwise, great game up until it stopped opening at all.

One of my favorite apps! I've been playing this game off and on for a bit. It's one of the few games that isn't completely pay to win. Diamonds (The game's premium currency) are easy to obtain, and most of the time you can skip ads by answering a quiz instead. The only annoying parts are the rebirth segments ; which causes you to restart partially from scratch, and the unskippable ads during events. Though doing said event is optional. All in all a great game.

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Start evolution in an idle tycoon game, including virus, spore, dinosaur, human. Optimized function, better experience!

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