War Games – Commander is a thrilling strategy game that puts you in the shoes of a military commander. Assemble your army, devise tactics, and lead your troops to victory in epic battles. With realistic graphics and immersive gameplay, you’ll feel like you’re in the midst of a real war. Choose from a wide array of units and equip them with powerful weapons to ensure your success on the battlefield. Will you be able to devise a winning strategy and emerge as the ultimate commander? Only time will tell.

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Genuinely, I'm in love with the game. Just two things id love to see, 1. More warehouses, it's a pain to have so much blinking red. 2. Maybe some sort of treasury/storage plant, where players can store mass amounts of materials/money so they don't lose it. The game is just overall addicting, not necessarily in a bad way. But some of the upgrade times are crazy. That's my only issue, upgrade/build times.

The game is ok. Kind of like Mobile Strike on the high seas. A few things they need to improve: more speedups for everything (research takes forever), upgrading to higher troop levels takes an act of congress to achieve (very difficult), purchased packs are skimpy on items you need, when opening chests they dont give you the ability to select more than one item at a time, so it takes hours to get through them. Tile hitting is allowed at all times, making it hard for new players to grow.

I've been playing for years and really enjoy it, but I thought you might want some input. I liked the speed building mobile store had, or at least a 15 day speed up to buy. Many times I wanted to win a challenge, but didn't want the cost/waste of what's available now. I also have a question from a member of my crew... Why is it cheaper (gold wise) to buy 10 - 3 day shields (25k) then a 30 day shield (45k) ? Is that how you want it ?

The game has locked up on me on the quest screen and I can't move past it. I have tried reinstalling and restarting my phone.

As we may have heard giveing and so shall you receive. This game is strongly rooted in resources that are expensive. Maybe a turn off to new players. Time consuming may turn into giving up. Stronger players feed on the weak. It's still fun meeting the challenge.

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