Fluz is a cashback and shopping rewards app that offers everyday users the opportunity to earn passive income. With Fluz, you can earn cashback on purchases made at hundreds of popular retailers, including Amazon, Walmart, and Target. The app also includes a referral program, allowing you to earn even more by referring friends and family to sign up. Whether you’re a frequent shopper or someone looking to maximize their savings, Fluz is a must-have app for anyone who loves to shop and save money.

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FSzlJnpXcC326November 29, 2023

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  • Step 1: Click on 'Avatar' => 'Settings' => 'Promo Code'.
  • Step 2: Enter the code in the gift code box and press 'Confirm' to receive the reward.

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I'll say this! When the app actually works, the amount of savings possible is really great. HOWEVER! the constant crashing of the app makes it almost pointless sometimes. But I've easily cashed out at least 80 bucks in the past year, and it would've been a ton more if the app didn't have so many issues all the time. Hope that helps!

app locks up and won't play "how to videos" but marks them as done. app only shows one full partner, sometimes two in a category then chops the rest and won't scroll. I thought it needed to be turned sideways but that didn't help. I also can't access via browser. I see others are having issues so I'll probably wait for an update to reinstall and see if this app is legit

The app used to be good. However, after the renew : 1.Unexpected crashing happened all the time. They claim those are unknown issues with no answer. 2.Interface is confusing and not easy to navigate. ex: when you initiate a help chat, once you leave the chat box you have no where to find it back. 3. You can only SEE your rabate amount but have mo way to spend it. System will ask you to verify to process However, when you click verify, crash again!!

So I had deleted this app for a bit but I'm back again. The app did update and I did bring up the score. I do use this app often and I will say the updates are definitely an improvement. I did take one star off however because I do have issues sometimes where it simply won't work and tells me to contact someone if the issue persists. It mostly happens with SHEIN gift cards. Haven't had many issues getting other gift cards.

I just got a Galaxy A12. I transferred everything over including the Fluz app. When I try opening it, it stops working completely. I've uninstalled and reinstalled it a few times but it still won't work. On my old phone it worked great but I never gave a rating or review about it. For now, because of this current issue I have to give it one star.

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