Klee: Spacetime Cleaners is an exciting new game adventure set in a futuristic world where time travel is possible. As the main character, players take on the role of Klee, a skilled space cleaner tasked with fixing anomalies in the spacetime continuum. Armed with high-tech gadgets and a trusty sidekick, Klee’s mission is to restore the balance of time and save the universe from temporal chaos. With stunning graphics and an immersive storyline, Klee: Spacetime Cleaners offers hours of thrilling gameplay and mind-bending puzzles. Step into Klee’s shoes and embark on an epic spacetime cleaning journey today!

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- 1. 50 gold, 2 rubies, diamond pickaxe, 3 healing potions, 200 gems, 5 iron ingots, enchanted sword. 2. 1000 money, 10 gold bars, 2 treasure maps, emerald amulet, enchanted bow, 500 gems, potion of invisibility. 3. 5 diamond pickaxes, 200 rubies, 3 healing potions, 1000 gold, 800 gems, dragon scale armor, legendary sword.

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- 100 gold, 50 gems, 500 money, 10 diamonds, 200 resources, 5 powerful equipment, 50 valuable items.

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Bt1YASNF468November 19, 2023
fgIwuNLcA3599September 26, 2023
7aplNtw6I361November 17, 2023
S5tTpl29gOF510November 8, 2023
GBjTdx0R3X824September 21, 2023

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Hi there! I honestly think that the game is fun and awesome. The gameplay is pretty hectic in a fun way. I'd like to ask you guys to make the sound when the character is taking damage louder if there is one, I frequently found myself getting confused when I lost an hp point. I'd really like a button to drop or slide quicker from the walls, there's really no way to dodge an attack if you're stuck on a wall especially in a boss stage. An online pvp or co-op mode would be pretty fun to play too.

Very nice, well made for a game that just came out. The controls take some time getting used to but you get the hang of it soon. Characters and worlds look great. Some things i would improve: 1) Theres a glitch that energy cores are out of bounds from the screen if they die there. 2) Rays basketball shots REALLY need an improvement. 3) Green world difficulty increase cus its way too ez compared to others. 4) More content. This game has lots of potential, keep up the good work :)

One of the best mobile games Perfect arcade style gameplay, with multiple characters, items, upgrades and an infinite mode too It can be challenging but never feels impossible My only issue is with the movement, as the directional buttons are really small and close together and I sometimes find myself accidentally using an item when I just wanted t move Overall this is a must play

I dont think ive literally ever left a review but guys.... This game is so good!! The controls are kinda hard at first, and im not gonna lie, this game is kinda hard too, but theres so many upgrades and items that it makes it easier and super fun! Its really easy to get diamonds, the ads arent mandetory (and theyre super short anyway), and this game is just super good! The characters are cute, the colors are bright but nice, and i super recommend!

My favorite game! Super fun, addictive, and a fun art style! It's difficult, but oh so fun! Also I love the level design. The audio is cheery and the game is terrific! Plus! Almost no ads!

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Auto shoot 'em up Bug fixes patch.

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