Project Entropy is an innovative initiative aimed at minimizing the impact of human activities on the environment. With a focus on sustainable practices, this project strives to reduce carbon emissions, promote renewable energy sources, and create a circular economy. Through collaborations with local communities, businesses, and governments, Project Entropy seeks to implement eco-friendly solutions and raise awareness about the importance of environmental conservation. By fostering a collective effort towards a greener future, Project Entropy aims to preserve our planet’s resources and ensure a healthier world for generations to come.

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jx1ygDcS484December 16, 2023
pOTvdYJt1r195December 27, 2023
ysrYSzmTD385January 8, 2024
0We4yrdcbOo533January 11, 2024
pgWuFBOAT9376December 17, 2023

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Sci-fi city builder. It's nice that you have free reign over your base design, and that there's no build wait times. But lately the game has been lagging terribly making some parts of the game annoying, much more difficult, and outright impossible. But there's also the nonresponsive customer service. And then there's the random messages from random people, so far all Chinese, that want to talk on another app, so far only discord. No telling what that's all about.

I loved this game when I first started but I took a few weeks off and when I came back a new season had started. I was now on a new world, in a different base and I had to basically restart. There was no way back to the base I'd sunk hours into building. Only to be told this was a mechanic of the game and not a fatal glitch. I'm sure this is to get people to buy the battle pass What an insane game mechanic. Ruined it completely. It was fun before hours of my life was erased. Not casual friendly

Just another build your city and conquer other cities stuff game. Nothing new or unique in the game. You lvl up but nothing new beyond a certain point. Doesn't tell you how to match heroes and vehicles to together or even how to match weapons to vehicles the right way. No info on the right formations. You could spend weeks just trying to figure stuff out. Takes way to long to level up stuff and and getting stuff to do it. Getting rid of game. Seriously disappointed.

Got about 3 minutes into the tutorial, finished my first fight, now it's indicating that I need to "Set up a formation" with a little glowing indicator... but nothing happens. Clicked all over the screen, nothing but the little triangle icon where I pushed. Force closed the game, went back to the same place, same issues. 3 minutes in and I'm perpetually stuck. Darn shame for such a highly rated game

It's boring. Hurry up and wait simulator. And the p2w is heavy. There is a paid only currency that you can buy in small amounts, but can't use unless you buy over 1500 of it. There is a lot of really good, but the bad is overwhelming. Art: heroes, vehicles 5*, world 4* Interface: 4* Fun: 5* for the first hour, then 2* after that with the constant waiting F2P: 2* there is so much to just won't be able to do without paying, and whales will have a massive advantage over everyone else.

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Conquer uncharted planets, command alien civilizations and build your hero fleet What's New:
1. Cyphers & Weapon Blueprints
2. Added "Limited Choice" event for Drop Pod system
3. Added "Noun Laboratory" time limited event
4. Added item "Wild Card"
5. Added resource acquisition method - "Behemoth Bounty"
6. Added "Novice Protection Period"
7. Added "Planetary Development Fund" event
8. Added "Alliance Badge" function
9. Added Reservists supply
10. Added "Trophy Level"
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