Gravity Box is an original arcade game with puzzle elements based on the laws of physics. The player’s task is to get a small square into the marked area in the form of a square area with dots.

You can control the object by touching the screen. Over time, the levels become more difficult – multi-tiered structures and inclined surfaces appear, and there are fewer and fewer platforms and partitions to help move the square. Unusual arcade pleases with interesting gameplay, excellent animation, game design, realistic physics and many different and challenging levels.

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Gravity box has super simple and intuitive controls and has such simple gameplay, that it's fun to pick and play whenever you have a couple minutes spare. It's a great way to pass time if you're bored, and theres so many ways of competing levels, it really does make you use your brain.

It's really good, most of the time. However, ànd I'm not just bitching because I suck at the game, I usually do top %ages, there comes a point where making a game so picky about minute timing and angles precision intersects with the controls and physics of the game being unstable, inprecise, and inconsistent, and the combination equals poorly made game. Higher levels should be tough, but not 'redo 400x' tough. instead of trying again, frustrated players just turn game off or delete it.

Fun little game! Request: Make the reset button bigger so it's easier to hit quickly. Half the time I end up firing into the air instead of resetting. Regarding getting stuck under 45-degree downward platforms, how about making them triangles, or adding invisible objects under/behind them so the box can't get in there in the first place? I'm not sure what is possible in this regard, but it would let you get around the limitations of the physics engine. Lastly, $#&@% level 172 🤬

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A skill-based physics game. v1.5:
● Added competitive mode
● Made the UI more responsive
● Made the levels restart faster
● Decluttered the main layout

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