Fruit Ninja 2 is back with even more fun and action-packed games! Get ready to slice your way through a variety of juicy fruits in this exciting sequel. With new game modes, challenges, and power-ups, there’s never a dull moment. Compete against friends and players from around the world to achieve high scores and become the ultimate Fruit Ninja. Slice, dice, and earn rewards to unlock new blades, backgrounds, and exciting bonuses. Get your hands on Fruit Ninja 2 now and let the slicing frenzy begin!

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C5U4Itqy753December 22, 2023
gWOsQPDq7l897November 29, 2023
ny5pYAoUT809December 1, 2023
ZRJtwePDnG0310December 9, 2023
8uD5sCxljB641November 28, 2023

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Fruit Ninja 2 Fun Action Games Tier List

Game is very fun and fluid but some unexpected lags are here and there in the crucial moments! But i guess every moment is crucial in these type of games. Ads sometimes causes black screen which never turns back on again unless you close and reopen the game. Other then that, everything else is just typical fruit ninja. And that's a good thing. 3 stars for now

It's a fun game but there's a bit of issues: 1. The events rotation system sucks. If I want to play a mode, I have to wait 1 to 3 days for the mode I want to play. 2. What the heck is this balancing in Leauge? A level 5 can be matched with a level 40 which is dumb. 3. If you get an ad the game sometimes blacks out, which means things like high scores and wins can be thrown into the void. Other than that it's pretty fun :)

Nice and clean game. I only have an issue with the ads which go to the play store with the slightest of taps and they sometimes make the game crash. Sometimes, the buttons also stop responding and I have to restart. I have a Samsung Galaxy note9 with android 10 and latest updates and other games run pretty smoothly. Sometimes mayhem mode is very unfair where I'm always matched with higher level players.

Just a quick money grab. The ranked modes are unbalanced, and you'll often find yourself in unbeatable matches. Everything is locked behind microtransactions, and there's only so much you can do to slowly inch towards getting something half decent. I wouldn't bother with this unless you're willing to shell out $9.99 for a Battle Pass on a game that absolutely shouldn't have one.

I think there is a lot of fun to be had here, but the bugs are pretty problematic right now. I had a loot box say it gave me a new power up called hurricane, but when I went into my armory to equip it, it still showed it as locked. Not to mention the connectivity issues. I play on wifi most of the time and had 3 or 4 matches in a row drop right before I was rewarded my XP for playing due to connection errors. I got nothing for playing once I logged back in.

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Fruit Ninja 2 Fun Action Games Wiki

Fruit Ninja 2 brings a fun twist to your favorite fruit slicing action games! Get ready to carve more than just pumpkins this Halloween! Fruit Ninja 2 invites all our ninjas to take part in the Halloween blade bash.
What's New:
Moonlit Challenge: As the night darkens, can you light up the scoreboard and claim the elusive Moonlit Legendary Blade?
Haunted Dojo: Experience our dojo like never before, adorned with haunting decorations and lurking surprises.

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