Robot Car Codes (2023 November) 3.0.8

Last update November 22, 2023

In the rapidly advancing field of autonomous vehicles, the concept of the robot car has gained immense traction. These self-driving cars are equipped with sophisticated sensors and artificial intelligence technology that allow them to navigate and interact with their environment without human input. The implications of robot cars are vast and promising. They have the potential to revolutionize transportation by increasing road safety, reducing traffic congestion, and providing mobility solutions for individuals with disabilities. The future of mobility is undoubtedly intertwined with the development and adoption of robot cars.

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hQSqyWG1761December 4, 2023
pBzqu1Gmdk312December 3, 2023
qJK3OoBvV779January 14, 2024
WCxq1ZYDOKm179December 19, 2023
FiXVgdY4Go405December 19, 2023

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I love this game. It would be nice to have more though, picking stuff up, being able to swim instead of dying, and maybe let the Transformers be able to scan and change like the real thing. Edit: I have to lower my review, the new update isn't good. I miss the version with the neon green car.

Amazing game😀 but can you can make when your turning into the car sound louder and put the sidekicks on screen make the money lower for the robots make the muscle car be for 400 gems please!

Good graphics and a good jet.

IThink the old version better new version worst we cannot stay without springing for also and where is aeroplane you replace the aeroplane robot with Shark robot we don't want robot Sharkworst game I ever seen old version is insanely better than this new version and also jet robot is so weak in this virgin In the old In the old version the Jet robot have rockets but in this version there is no rockets in the jet robot

Bring back the old version the robot was more good looking as it was white and shiny and it used to have unlimited ammos as the ammos were depended on the robots stamina. You people could have changed the car and added a new map along with the old map and enhanced the graphics and add new villains and a boss. That's it about the new version.

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