Kung Fu Tea is not just your average tea spot. It offers a thrilling experience with a unique blend of traditional tea and modern techniques. Their extensive menu boasts a variety of bubble tea flavors, from classic milk tea to refreshing fruit tea. Each drink is crafted with fresh ingredients and includes customizable toppings. With a focus on quality and innovation, Kung Fu Tea is a haven for tea enthusiasts looking to indulge in a delightful and energizing beverage.

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Kung Fu Tea Premium/Pro Account Free

Your program is not customer service friendly. I purchased the drink then set up an account and can't scan and add this receipt to earn points. Also, if I scan the app in store I don't have the option to pay cash. I'm required to pay with the linked card. Really should change how things are done. Very disappointing.

This new app is terrible. It doesn't keep me logged in. When attempting to log in, I entered the code that's sent to my email, but I still had to enter my password. Then, when I enter my password, I get an error message saying wrong password. I like Kung Fu Tea, but at this point, I'll order in the store.

You have to log in every time you open the app, and then verify with a code thata been emailed. The app glitches all the time, goes from the menu screen to loading, you can never place an order. App was much better before the last update.

Horrible. App doesn't work. Missing drink from the menu. Try to reset my password and everytime I hit the reset button it's always expired. This is ridiculous.

Not saving my toppings multiple times now when i have ordered and very difficult to use the app. Has resulted in a lot of disappointment when i pick up the order and it's not what i told the app what i wanted.

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Kung Fu Tea is America’s largest made-to-order tea brand. Bugfix and Maintain

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