Idle Space Manager is a captivating game that allows you to take on the role of a space entrepreneur. In this strategic idle game, your objective is to build and manage a successful space empire. Start by constructing space stations, mining asteroids for resources, and researching new technologies. Expand your empire by hiring skilled workers and building advanced spacecraft. Make wise decisions to maximize your profits and become the ultimate space tycoon. With addictive gameplay and stunning graphics, Idle Space Manager will keep you entertained for hours!

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Great concept overall. It has a nice set-up/UI and I love the art style. However, everything is a bit expensive, at least towards the beginning. It's not that big of an issue, since it's an idle game, but the sense of progression is lacking, at least in the early game. Although, I usually like to have one low-maintenance idle game. (Side note - If this was developed with pay-to-win in mind then you should allow people to at least progress enough to become emotionally invested first.)

It's a good game, I enjoy seeing the little ships fly off. However, some things that you could add to make it a little better. The ability to upgrade pilot chances so I don't keep getting trash pilots, I need a dedicated pilot screen so I can see what I have, and be able to fire ones I don't need anymore. Also, when you get your ships to level 500 they should change to a shiny Bronze color, Silver at 750, and Gold at 1000. Each region should have different ships, too. Otherwise great game

Game is decent. It is worth it to reroll your pilot but the ads add up. I bought the $3 no ads pack. When you buy no ads, it is literally no ads at all for literally everything that would otherwise require ads and you still get the bonus. The game is short. There are only four areas. I unlocked the first three on the first day of playing. I unlocked the last one the second day. By the third day, I maxed the first 2 areas (30 floors). I'll probably get 100% within a week.

Simple and Repetitive. lots of ads to watch or you can pay money for what seems like pointless resources. only 2 areas are available but more are "coming soon". definitely a game to not need to pay much attention to, the only point seems to be is to spend virtual currancy to upgrade shipping ports for some unknown reason, and also to watch advertisements. also note that I am currently still playing the game. 😅

Its pretty good. I enjoy the style and unlocking the new ships and towers. I'm basically waiting for the new tower at this point. I do wish some simple things would be added like maybe an upgrade system. I definitely wish there was an auto assign pilots because once get to the largest ships its kind of repetitive going to assign 6 pilots at once. Also it's rare to find an idle game that isnt a blatant cash grab with loads of ads, which this one doesn't have a lot of.

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The idle game for all space fans! Collect idle cash and become a rich tycoon! Idle Space Manager has received a fresh update! We have cleared out some annoying bugs and made the game even more stable:

* Goodbye bugs!
* Game now runs even more smoothly
* Everything brought up to date

and don't worry, we're still working behind the scenes to bring you even more fun!

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