Assassin’s Creed Rebellion is an action-packed mobile game that brings the thrill of the popular Assassin’s Creed franchise to your fingertips. Set in Spain during the Spanish Inquisition, players can recruit and train their own brotherhood of assassins to take down the Templar’s oppressive regime. With a unique blend of strategy and combat, players must navigate through challenging missions, unlock new characters, and upgrade their headquarters. Join the rebellion and fight for justice in this immersive and exciting adventure, available now on iOS and Android devices.

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- 5000 gold, 2 rubies, 3 diamonds, 1000 resources, 5 equipment, 200 gems, 50 money, 1 rare item, 10 silver, 1 legendary item.

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- 500 gold, 350 gems, 2000 money, 10 diamonds, 100 resources, 5 equipment, 3 items.

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4sBKEG1f506October 2, 2023
vzpiaIARlm759November 18, 2023
jfNnL6qoG680November 16, 2023
4serEZdjwhN796October 16, 2023
TBIqvNA5mR191October 18, 2023

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Assassin’s Creed Rebellion Tier List

Pretty fun game, actually. I didn't expect much from it. It's simple, but has enough strategy and variety to keep it interesting. I complained at first that it didn't work offline. Though it was tagged as Offline, but I must have been thinking of another game. I still think it should work without a connection - the only online parts are the mostly optional ads and leaderboards - but I can forgive that since they never claimed it did. I do appreciate that there are no forced video ads.

I pre-registered here: A solid platformer version of the series, but there are some design flaws. One, collecting intel can be acquired more quickly than anything else in the beginning, and it won't allow you to add them beyond the cap even though the room is ready to collect. I suggest removing the cap for this, as it is useless. I started off with extra intel points beyond the cap, and it seemed superfluous. You have to start killing them off by intentionally failing missions and restart them. Every other room doesn't give me issues like this. I don't play it everyday, although the daily rewards are great. The pop ups (I already know I can turn them off) are annoying and I ended up accidentally purchasing something I didn't want because I was trying to click other things. It would be better if they were just simply consolidated into an alert/notification button than inconveniently covering an entire screen where I'm trying to check off 5 things at once. I get there's paywalls for this and that, but I'm a more casual gamer who also plays other games that don't annoy me as such.

the game overall is good. it's not something you have to work hard to figure out and the graphics are good on my phone, older as it is. it gets a bit pushy about buying things, though. i also am not a fan of the marionette style tutorial system it employs. if i want to spend some time doing little things around the base, then let me. the play in the levels is inventive, and having a choice of not only who completes each section, but also how i want to complete it, makes for a more engaging game.

Overall this game is great. The graphics are awesome and the mission nature of the game is pretty fun. The story is good too. The cons are mostly a ui thing. There's pieces of info that are on separate screens that are needed to make decisions. For instance, let's say I want to craft a new weapon. First, I would need to go to the character screen to see what weapons I need to craft, then go to the town view, find the weapon crafting building, click build, go to the weapon type that I wanted, then click the right one. That's not too bad by itself but suppose that I can craft 2 swords, one that increases lethality and another that provides dodge. Figuring out which one to use requires me to go back to the character screen, look at stats, and then back to the weapon screen. I find myself repeating this back and forth quite often and it feels like there ought to be a more streamlined process.

Great little game to kill time. Very in depth yet easy to learn! The only problem is it needs a lot of quality of life updates right off the bat. Navigating through menus and loading times just to heal your toon is cumbersome. The rush system makes it impossible to do until you have a ton of heroes leveled up. Shouldn't be that hard to auto fight a battle.

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Embody dauntless Assassins and slay Templar’s in this stealthy action rpg! Hello, Assassin! We've added additional bug fixes and improvements in this patch to the Mobile Animus.

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