The Age of Strategy is a thrilling time in which intellect and cunning prevail over brute force. In this era, the power of a well-devised plan can conquer even the mightiest of foes. It is a period where leaders rise and empires fall, where remarkable feats of military brilliance shape the course of history. From ancient battles to modern warfare, the Age of Strategy allows us to delve into the minds of strategists and analyze their tactics. Prepare to be captivated by the art of war as you navigate through this captivating era.

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Fantastic game. Simple enough controls that allow movement of entire armies, or singular scouts. Graphics are surprisingly varied when you begin to understand the game. The amount of units is staggering. Almost no other game gets close to this amount of units. And each one is unique which is insane. 10/10 would absolutely reccomend.

I enjoy this game for what it is. It reminds me of the original warcraft game that I had for my CPU, except it is turn-based. I like how every unit has its strengths and weaknesses and the historical battles are interesting too. I haven't played much multi-player so I can't comment on that but the single person campaigns are challenging and the ai seems to learn from your strategies so you have to continually adapt.

This game is pretty good! Building empires, developing Tech, and creating armies is pretty interesting, the building and training mechanism is very interesting, and multiplayer is great. As he says, the graphics aren't amazing, but the strategy is fun. If you play multiplayer, get ready to be there a while, I don't mind it, but some people might. I did find a bug though, when I want to select multiple troops, the waypoint button is hidden behind another button. I am on Moto G7 Supra. Thanks!

Maybe the single best turn based strategy game on the Play Store. Not pay to win at all. Games can be quick and clean or long and messy. Graphics are really great for the scale of the field when playing. Game is very stable and is updated frequently for free. Great selection of maps, and would love to see a few more huge sized maps. No BS.

The app is extremely fun and is completely strategy based which I like. There is campaigns that are easy enough to beat with a few tries and also maps that require planning and quite a few tries. The only issue I've found is for some reason the ai does absolutely nothing on the first level of the fractured lines campaign. There is no way I can complete it I can't even get out of the walls. I have move my only unit back and forth for 50 turns and nothing has happened. Still a great game.

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Turn based Strategy Game with >600 maps, >350 unit types, with multiplayer! New skirmish map:Algoma Avalanche 50x50, Centro Poblado 3 30x30
New maps:in Historical maps section (1)
New maps:in FAN maps section (3)
New skinpacks:Greek, Japanese, Byzantine, Nordic
New terrain decoration: celtic walls like elevation decoration.
Change: Balista ship attack 14/17 -> 10/12. It was supposed to be changed along with other balista attacks

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