Papa John’s, a popular American pizza chain, entered the Russian market in 2003 to offer its renowned pizza, pasta, and other Italian-American cuisine. With over 100 locations across the country, Papa John’s Russia has garnered a loyal customer base by ensuring high-quality ingredients and top-notch customer service. The menu includes a variety of pizzas, from classic pepperoni to unique local flavors, catering to different tastes. The company’s commitment to using fresh, locally sourced ingredients has helped them establish a strong brand presence in the Russian food industry, making them a go-to choice for pizza lovers.

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Papa John’s Russia

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Papa John’s Russia Reviews

Cannot order a pizza, whenever i try it always says that there are some positions unavalable in the restaraunt and recounts the full order. It worked at one point but at least for 3 months it always errors like this.

the App is amazing especially for foreigners that don't speak russian. you just have to choose the kind of pizza you want and topping without calling the store to place an order, and you can change the language. amazing waaw.

Worst pizza delivery ever. They claim that my order would be delivered in 30-40 minutes. Okay, so now I am waiting for 2 hours, and my order is still not delivered despite the restaurant is 500m away from my house. And I cannot even track the courier, or contact the restaurant. Disgusting.

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