Shell Africa is committed to driving sustainable development across the continent. Through strategic partnerships and innovative initiatives, Shell is playing an instrumental role in providing access to clean energy, supporting local economies, and promoting environmental conservation. With a focus on social responsibility, Shell Africa is actively involved in community programs, education, and skills development to empower the people of Africa. The company’s presence in the region spans multiple sectors including oil and gas exploration, renewable energy, and low-carbon solutions. With a strong emphasis on safety and ethical practices, Shell Africa is dedicated to making a positive impact on the continent.

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Shell Africa Reviews

Shell has Amazing quality products that I have been using for a while now. I would recommend anyone to go ahead and experience the same as I did. I love the VPower fuel it has More mileage and save me money on fuel intake on my car. Awesomeee!

It not working. Several times I have downloaded and installed this app but in the process of registering it doesn't work cos the verification code is never sent via sms. I have called shell Ghana call center several times but they only tells me they know about the problem and that they still working on it. It been more than 3 weeks now and no show. My issue with shell Africa is that why will you published an app when you know it not ready for use. I tried again today and it working now. Thanks

In app, you ask for site ID when one wants to give feedback. I have no freaking idea what site ID means. And because I don't know you can't take my feedback!!! Plus when registering, can you make it easy for anyone born more than 2 years ago to input their birthday? Scrolling for 100 years because date can't be keyed in manually is not the most efficient use of my time!!! Jeez, nobody tested the app before it was released?

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