SPYPOINT is a leading provider of innovative hunting and outdoor products, dedicated to helping outdoor enthusiasts capture the thrill of their adventures. The company’s range of cutting-edge trail cameras, solar panels, and accessories are designed to enhance the outdoor experience through advanced technology and reliable performance.

SPYPOINT’s trail cameras boast industry-leading trigger speed and picture quality, allowing hunters and wildlife enthusiasts to capture stunning images and videos of their subjects. With features like built-in solar panels, long-lasting battery life, and advanced detection technology, SPYPOINT’s products are preferred by outdoor enthusiasts looking for dependable, high-quality equipment.

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It works really well for a day then doesn't do anything for a few days, even the sync picture set for each time doesn't work half the time. Good images when you get them but that's a big if. **Edit** this is the issue regardless of signal readout on the camera, it would have been better customer service to ask how signal was instead of assuming I didn't pay attention to the signal strength. Still no suggestions on why it happens or anything, no reach out for support even though i pay for it?!

There should not be transition effects when looking through photos. they look all "cool" when they swipe in from the left, but if you are looking for differences between photos(potentially a very small, very conspicuous movement that triggered the camera), you want to see the photo flash from one to the other. like clicking the next arrow on a PC.

I used my Spy point link WMV LTE for about a year with absolutely no problems. I took the batteries out and put it up for the season and when I got it out for the next season put the batteries back in new SD card it would not transmit photos to the app I have tried three different brand new SD cards in it and it won't even detect when you go to the app it'll say 0 gigabytes of 0 gigabytes

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