Sniper Zombie 3D is an intense shooting game that puts your skills to the test. As a skilled sniper, you must eliminate hordes of zombies before they reach you. With realistic graphics and immersive gameplay, you’ll feel like you’re in a post-apocalyptic world. Unlock powerful weapons and upgrade your abilities as you progress through challenging levels. With every shot, your aim and precision will be put to the ultimate test. Can you survive and save humanity from the zombie apocalypse? Play Sniper Zombie 3D now and find out!

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U3VntzBX694December 4, 2023
5pGx8dNnBW543January 18, 2024
T16w7CAgv569January 8, 2024
dPBWoxryAUQ761November 26, 2023
TLS3N9ebvt788December 29, 2023

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Sniper Zombie 3D Game Tier List

You have a great game on your hands, but would like to see various levels on the extra cash levels, or more zombies too shoot. 9 is just too low. Then again, I would like to see more zombies exploding too. Arms, head, legs etc... Especially with a perfect head shot or sniper rifle shot. Or maybe even a 3D version of the bullet penetrating the bones. Could you possibly add something like that to this already awesome game?

You really can't move forward in the game unless you spend a lot of $$$ to buy different guns. It gets worse as you try to move forward. Constant interruptions for ads and equipment. Eventually you get to a point where you advance one or two missions and then can't go forward without buying stuff. Probably the worst game I've come across in this regard

It started ok, but way too many pop ups for making purchases. Gold this and gold that, buy buy buy. Graphics ok and missions are simple and not stupid crazy hard. But after completing stage 1 , stage 2 was all about upgrading your gun or you couldn't get to the next level. Also watch out on the ads for free gold. I only go about 10% in total from all the ads I watch.

Fun game, but the missions take like 5 seconds to complete. You spend 10x more time in the menu and watching ads than actually playing. Exactly like every other 3d sniper game on Google Play, except you're shooting zombies. No original thinking here. Just a ripoff of other people's work.

Games ok, a few problems like buying something with gold and it takes the gold and gives you nothing. Repetitive, with little rewards. Do the 3 difficulty levels, And that's it. As far as thet campaign and global is concerned, ????. Just go around in circles. And where is this PVP.... pretty sure I didn't play against anyone 😕

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Shoot as sniper assassin in offline multiplayer FPS and 3D zombie shooting game

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