Monsters War: Epic TD is a fun tower defense-style action-strategy game. Your task is not only to defend your castle from monster attacks, but also to destroy the enemy fortress. Repel enemy attacks by placing your units on the battlefield. Collect a collection of more than twenty heroes. Upgrade warriors, replenish resources and weapons. Fight on a wide variety of locations: in the forest, on the plain, in the snow-capped mountains and hot desert. Think over the tactics of combat and correctly place the units. The game received bright pixel-style graphics, funny characters and many exciting levels.

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CTnc0e1tXh3 November 16, 2022 834
60TYwWZqinlg December 1, 2022 125
jQknO8LX6R November 27, 2022 431
3f4GoLS5JlF December 11, 2022 956
GqtO0WlB2iu October 21, 2022 830

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It's an excellent game. Only problem is sometimes ads DON'T load, and there are a lot of bonuses and upgrades you can get through them. It will ask if you want to watch an ad for triple gold, possibly level up a character, etc., but it will leave you clicking repeatedly on it. Other than that, lots of fun, good artwork, fun characters.

The progression system in this game is heavily based around you watching ads. You have to watch ads to get coins to level up your units. You have to watch ads to evolve your units. You have to watch ads to get more units. A level takes around 30-45 seconds, after which often the game has a 30 second ad. If you want to fight in the arena its an ad to change the players your paired with, and often the first one is much stronger than yours. If you want to get better units you spend money.

Fun game to waste time, not a lot of information though. There's no good way to tell what the units do (including special abilities) except for guess and check. No way to control wave clear ability either. It just activates whenever it is charged which could be right at the end of a level when you don't need it. Needs a lot of work. But it's ok for now.

Game is enjoyable, but after reaching around 100 lvl, game won't load on my android device. It has happened in the past. I've uninstalled then reinstalled. came back and lost all my progress. Pls fix this bug

Crashed and now won't load past div mob screen. But, if I say no to multiplying my rewards by watching an ad, I shouldn't be forced to watch an ad, then not get the reward. You'll keep more players by ditching forced ads, and they'll watch more ads for rewards

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- Minor bug fixes

Name Monsters War: Epic TD Strategy
Version 1.7.4
Price FREE
Rating 4.1 (6668 ratings)
Category Codes
Update October 19, 2022
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