Looking for a reliable delivery service? Look no further than Yassir Express! With their fast and efficient service, your packages will be delivered in no time. Whether it’s a small envelope or a large shipment, their dedicated team will handle your items with care. With competitive rates and flexible delivery options, Yassir Express is the go-to choice for all your delivery needs. Trust them to get your items delivered safely and on time. Say goodbye to delivery worries with Yassir Express!

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Worst app ever. No credit card payments. Have to use a third party called sobflous that adds even more fees, only to get my order delayed, cancelled and not arriving while they took the full amount without refunding anything. Trying to leave a comment crashed the app. Delivery guys marking your order as delivered before they even call you in an effort to evade late delivery detection by higher ups or Yassir staff. You need to allow a client option to mark the order as received, even optional.

Worst customer service! I made an order, a product was wrong and I tried to make a complain through the chat option on the app, but no body answer me for more than one hour. An agent answered me and told me to wait for a minute to check, though she never answered me back. I called the number they have with the order and still no body answers. Also, many times, the app just close because of bugs. This is so ridiculous. There are other similar apps that are way better than this, I don't recommand.

Awful experience. Delivery times are super inconsistent. Some of the delivery guys are unreliable and one was outright rude and offensive. The restaurants often get the orders wrong (rarely read the description and add tomatoes despite me stating not to, due to food sensitivities/ allergies. I ended up throwing away food that I paid for as I can't eat it without risking my health.) I gave the app a couple of tries to give it the benefit of the doubt, but it just isn't worth it. What a bummer!

Terrible app . It crashes all the time, promo codes don't work and you still end up paying full price even though there's a code to apply. At times items are missing and you have to fight customer services just for them to correct your order. I keep giving them a chance but it's fine I'll stick to order apps

The app, overall is good, however, I have the issue that I cannot enter my home address manually, after attempting to follow the instructions. Please can you assist, so that I can save my address and not constantly having to make notes stating what's the correct number.

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Get everything you need delivered with the Yassir Express application! Now you can order for someone else even if they live far away, enjoy a rebranded look and feel with many performance and bug fixes.

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