WorthPoint is a comprehensive online resource for collectors, providing them with a platform to research, value, and buy or sell a wide range of collectibles. With access to a vast database of items, including antiques, art, vintage items, and more, collectors can quickly find information about their favorite items and make informed decisions. WorthPoint also offers historical price data, expert articles, and a community of passionate collectors, making it an indispensable tool for anyone interested in the world of collecting.

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Continually logs you out and demands a new password every time. If you forget the password, it locks you out after three tries and even if you do the password reset, it tells you you've had too many failed attempts. Have had the service for a year and have dealt with this password circus at least six times so far. Totally unacceptable. Makes the app completely unusable and there's no help unless it's during the hours they happen to be open. Do better

Not sure what you did to your app but it sure is terrible now. Nothing but constant error messages. I probably won't be renewing. Used to love this app, now it is working haphazardly and sometimes goes completely black, and then I have to close it completely and reopen it. I've already tried uninstalling and reinstalling. No go.

The update has wrecked the app. You can barely scroll a page before you get an error pop up. I feel like it's been a while since you did the update and thought maybe you'd have some progress on the issues. This is an app I use often at my job and It is making it almost impossible to use. It's also randomly signed me out multiple times. please either fix it or return to the old version so it's usable. Wanted to email not write a review but when you try to email you guys it freezes my phone up.

I think its a great resource but it takes so much time to search for any item having only 20 items per page with many unrelated items thrown in. To be paying a little over $20/mo for the basic subscription it should have better search features/filters. But with that being said, there really isn't any other comparable online resource that I've found to be better at the moment. Rock and a hard space for sure.

UPDATE: The updated app is even worse. In addition to my previous feedback, I am always needing to type in my user id and password. It won't 'remember me' and the biometric log in no longer works with the updated version. // The update has many flaws. If I try to sort results, it gives me very different items. Not even in the same category of what I was searching for. It won't load but 10 items and then I get an error message. The app has become useless.

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