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- 100 wood, 50 iron ore, 10 gold bars, 5 gems, 2 diamonds, 1 ruby, 1 enchanted sword, 1 legendary armor.

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- 1000 gold, 500 gems, $50, 10 diamonds, 100 wood, enchanted sword, potion of growth, rare flower, magic seeds.

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Gift CodesTotalExpiration Date
TLV4eKnx896October 23, 2023
OoR7QKWztm852November 11, 2023
xRAzTv7HU627November 11, 2023
VqzcJIfgsRa326October 30, 2023
qxysh2R3zp675October 21, 2023

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Game is pretty fun, but if you skip ad when you level up, it still plays. You just don't get the bonus reward. Which is annoying enough. Half the times it makes you watch an ad the game then freezes and you have to exit completely and lose progress. You can level up pretty quickly and get lots of bonus points for free, if you don't mind the game being 90 percent ads and kicking you out every time you level up.

This game is exceptionally therapeutic and I love that you can walk away and let it farm currency for you. Edit: I've dropped it down to 4 stars because a recent update has made a specific aspect of the game EXTREMELY frustrating. I can no longer collect level up rewards without getting an ad each and every time. It gets old when you upgrade and level every 30 seconds. I understand the need for ads - maybe just placed elsewhere.

Pretty good, couple bugs, though. The one thing that bothers me a TON is that sometimes, when I'm switching between greenhouses, all of the progress on the one that I click on disappears when I click on it. There was 30b+ accrued on it one time, and when I clicked on it, it didn't show up in my tally, just disappeared and reset. Very sad

I like it. It's nice. The ads aren't too overwhelming but they def arent the best. You get an ad when you level up. And the leveling up also frustrates me because I have to be playing the game and claim the 'reward' before I can start going to the next level. And I need certain levels to unlock stuff but it takes forever to get those levels. But, I don't know. It's nice if you don't mind that.

Ad revenuer. No respect. Ready to watch hundreds of long ads, even when you specifically choose the options that don't force you watch them? You know those ads that play for ages before the little X appears, and then you have to click a second and then a third X? You have to upgrade to get plants. Even if you choose not to watch the ad, you still have to sit through 30 seconds of two and three part ads to level up one time. Change your ad rules and I'll add more stars.

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Relaxing game: discover, collect and grow lovely plants to expand your garden! Bug Fix
Enjoy !!!

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