SudoCube is an addictive block puzzle game that will test your logic and problem-solving skills. The objective is simple: fill the grid with numbers 1 to 9, ensuring that each row, column, and 3×3 square contains all the numbers without repetition. With over 1,000 challenging puzzles, SudoCube offers hours of brain-teasing fun. The game features a sleek and minimalist design, intuitive controls, and various difficulty levels to suit players of all skill levels. Can you master the art of SudoCube and become a puzzle-solving genius?

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SudoCube: Block Puzzle Game Tier List

So much potential, but failed on the ads and advertising. Downloaded cause the advertising was like tetris style. Wasn't, but the hex cube game was one of the best entertainers in a while. However every 3 moves there was an ad. And a high volume ad. So not an idle discrete game and the ads made it too much. Played a few rounds having fun but in the end the numerous ads made me delete.

I have played it for a while, and there is not enough daily challenges. When you first install you can do up to the previous 2 months and that is it. There are 2 other games as that resembles tetris so it is like a never ending game and the other one is a number matching game that is like a dragon merge game. Both are fine but very boring after a while once you figure them out. There really needs to be more challenging puzzle types like the daily challenge. I have nothing to play now.

Couldn't find the puzzle that was advertised. I was forced to watch a long ad between each game. Can't mute the game. The only game I found interesting was like a daily challenge that you could only play twice per day. Awkward to navigate, especially when trying to get back to main menu. And the appearance of the app is very bland.

This is the Best Game. I've had it for 2 years and play almost everyday. No Ads while playing, which is Awesome! Only between games. It's simple but challenging. Great way to pass time if you're waiting for something or in bed. My high score is now 16,500. Most games don't get higher than about 2000. Try it, You'll Like It.

Adsssssss so many ads! More than before! Now upon opening the game there are ads. Unfortunately this is a trend now, ads with multiple places to click to skip, so you end up clicking the ad by accident. I get it - this gets you clicks, and revenue, because it probably counts all those clicks as people deliberately interacting with the ad and following the link. No, it's just your ridiculous tiny X's in the corner being so exact that a player can't avoid accidentally clicking it.

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Slide, stack, score! Cube games mechanics for block puzzle perfection.
-New game features!
Thanks for playing SudoCube! We're happy to bring you another update. In this version,we have presented you with new game features! We hope you enjoy it!
Your feedback is what matters the most!We will read it carefully,and constantly strive to improve your game experience.You can send us questions and suggestions through the feedback portal on the app homepage.

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