In “Spider Hero Fight: Come Home”, embark on an epic adventure as Spider Hero fights to save the city from the clutches of evil. Swing through the streets, using your web-slinging abilities to chase down enemies and protect citizens. Unlock special abilities and upgrades to enhance your combat skills. Explore a variety of stunning locations in this action-packed game. With intense battles and thrilling missions, Spider Hero Fight: Come Home is the ultimate superhero experience. Will you be able to save the city and bring peace back? Play now and find out!

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mKH7gU19662December 18, 2023
bH5Z2kNdEB632December 8, 2023
2doiFTEZ4250January 5, 2024
Tf47Non2AVg106December 31, 2023
sDVUkuIdw6569November 26, 2023

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The ad and thumbnail are nice. The actual game is just nyeeeehh. It's just like an offline fighting game that's like one of those 2d Arcade games but in 3d, and I disbelieve it's even as good. The ad consists of this PS4 version of Spider-Man with smooth swinging and amazing graphics. Meanwhile, the actual game is just what was explained. Please stop this rubbish and either showcase what the actual game is for fewer haters or just legit MAKE IT LOOK SIMILAR TO THE AD AT LEAST.

Totally different game than this what you can see in the advert. Lots lots lots of adverts, poor graphics, music and control, game is without any story, just some random guy fighting other random guys... the game looks like the one in which you can play in the arcade...

Totally disappointed game don't waste your time the thumbnail and the game is totally different I can preffered you to not download this game. don't waste your data. be careful about this spam It also monetize your information

I saw an ad on YouTube of the game and downloaded it because it looks cool. It's total rubbish. Just a street fighter platformer. Before the game finished loading, an ad popped up. During gameplay, another ad popped up. Like who interrupts gameplay with ads??????? The developers are fraudulent for releasing a game trailer that's nothing like the game. Don't download!!!!!

forced to download it. showing fake video ad on youtube. game is totally different and also full of ads.

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Fighting with gangsters to save your home!

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