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How to redeem Under Armour Shoes & Clothes codes?

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Under Armour Shoes & Clothes Coupon reviews

Finally! Your app is night and day different compared to what it once was. Very impressed with how easy it was to find items! Besides having different search options available, the "lag" that was once there is no longer!!! I was able to shop with expediency and because of that I found what I was looking for and ended up buying more than I intended! Great job!

Used to be 5 stars. Since the major updates a few months back, I have lots of issues with saving/ favoring items, sorting, and filtering.. Not sure why that doesn't work any more. Sorting by price does not sort items not by price, and gives 35, 60, 40, 100, 80 instead of actually being in order. Lots of repeat items too before showing new ones if you look by category. Very annoying and prevents me from actually buying or finding things to buy

Have tried using the app many times over the past few years. Have downloaded it again and still the same issues. The app crashes itself and says "OOPS no products to display" so you have to press the back arrow and go back to the start picking a category and finding the last place you were at. Also you can't save items that you are looking at to your profile with the button. You can only press the heart when viewing and scrolling through the many items. Makes for an unreliable experience.

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