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Footej Camera – PRO HD Camera Coupon reviews

I'm not exactly sure what happened, but the app is very buggy now and it's almost useless for taking photos now. If i zoom in and take a photo, then check how the photo turned out, its not even zoomed in or in the same position that i snapped the photo. also, sometimes there is a glitch where the entire screen flashes multiple colors like greens and purples all over the camera screen, which could potentially be very harmful to those affected by flashing lights.

Had the app for maybe a year and I still use it but I've changed from 5 stars to 3. It has decent video controls, but the slow motion and high fps quality are reprehensible. Slow motion works well for about a second until it drops to around 2fps. Videos are limited to two minutes for free and resolutions are capped. Can't access wide angle lens or depth lens. The full version is $15 A WEEK!!! More than pro grade software from Adobe. The app is worth trying but I don't expect miracles anymore.

I really want to love this app. The burst mode is great! However, there are enormous drawbacks to this app that I can't get around. The worst is that it won't allow me to use more than 12 MP on my rear camera (no choice between cameras either), even though my main camera has a 48MP sensor. The front camera is limited to 4.7MP, when the sensor is 16MP. I could understand if it was a trial limitation, but I paid for the subscription to the full app! *Btw, my phone is a OnePlus 9 Pro.

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