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Last update November 22, 2023

Snakebird is a colorful and challenging puzzle game that requires strategic thinking and problem-solving skills. With its whimsical graphics and intuitive controls, this game is suitable for players of all ages. Guide the adorable Snakebirds across various levels, navigating obstacles and collecting fruit along the way. Each level presents unique challenges and requires careful planning to achieve victory. Snakebird is a delightful game that will keep you engaged and entertained for hours as you try to unravel its intricate puzzles.

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9EtKagu4402December 11, 2023
EWmzo5ct1v953January 10, 2024
vk6gh1pRt406December 4, 2023
ejEDJnWKS73375December 5, 2023
FXfHkpuPIc323January 16, 2024

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Really love this game, the difficulty level is perfect and the graphics are top notch, can't believe it's free! Unfortunately the game is no longer compatible on later versions of Android (64-bit compatibility I believe?), I upgraded my phone recently and found that I could no longer access this game. A fix would be appreciated!

Tightly designed, elegantly simple, highly polished, difficult puzzle game. No timers. No move count. No "3 star rating" for completing a level a certain way. No hints. Just you, some snakebirds, and your smarts against some immensely well though out levels. If you like to think a lot and struggle to solve tricky puzzles, this is the perfect game. There were a few times I felt a level was completely impossible. After great effort, they too were overcome. A lesson in perseverance and logic.

Beware, this game is almost too good. This game is responsible for making me late to work, taking longer poop breaks, and losing hours of sleep. I couldn't stop playing until I beat every level. The controls are simple and perfect for a mobile game, the graphics are beautiful (I love how each bird has its own attitude), and the puzzles are challenging. Challenging in a good way, because the puzzles are all solvable without looking up the solutions and being pissed off.

This is one of the greatest puzzle games ever made. It's extremely well designed, pure logic-based, has only one solution, and really makes you think outside the box. Don't let the cutsey graphics fool you; it may be simple in its mechanics, but the difficulty is super devious. It either makes you feel like a genius when you solve it, or like an idiot for not seeing the solution sooner. Absolutely incredible.

A simple but challenging puzzle game. The mechanic is straightforward but what really shines is the level design. Each level feels like a carefully crafted challenge. I'm glad that there are not too many puzzles, as the game would begin to feel stale. Beating a level requires a progression of knowledge as you identify steps that get you closer to the goal until finally you see the path to completing a level - which sometimes can be surprisingly tricky to carry out! Definitely recommended!

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Charming but deceptively difficult puzzle game.

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