Mana Monsters is a bright and entertaining puzzle game in the popular match-3 genre with RPG elements. You are waiting for epic battles, a collection of funny monsters and exploration of a huge world. Gather a team of legendary creatures and fight enemy monsters. Form combinations of precious crystals and replenish the vitality of your pets. Use combos to deal a devastating blow to the enemy. Create powerful runes and use powerful boosters to win. Get stars and unlock secret levels.

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9umjRhECcn4 December 12, 2022 393
pl1iQbT895cs November 24, 2022 461
Rdpj2yVivb December 4, 2022 817
zoPhtq2KbNw November 6, 2022 196
57c1i8hYJfN December 1, 2022 296

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Overall, not bad. I like how they handle ads. They are optional and the benefits are a nice addition but not necessarily needed. This game is good if you have several minutes to kill here or there, so I don't mind the key limit. Daily rewards are nice too. I do wish though there was a way to upgrade rank one monsters. Right now they're pretty much basic upgrade fodder only. Even if their perks would be limited compared to other ranks, they would be more useful to have.

Not sure if the monsters evolve yet but they should. Monster bosses shouldn't cost keys just to enter that seems a bit much. Also not sure if there is an option to not use keys to open a chest after every level but this is something that should be optional considering it cost keys to access boss levels. Aside from that a decent game. Almost an excellent balance of strategic puzzle play and battle style. Not bad at all. This game has the makings of being more than good

I'm really enjoying the game so far. It is an interesting take on the match 3 puzzle games. However, currency drop rate to prices definitely need tweaking. Gold comes in such small amounts but cost to level up monsters gets expensive real fast. Also, it would be cool to be able to break down monsters for tokens or a way to merge lower rarity monsters together to gain higher rarity monsters. But, other than that it's a good game. I do like the egg hatched, except the incubator pricing.

Many things to do as the game opens up, as you complete the map and develop your camp. The game is designed in such a way that does not require purchasing items to progress. The animations and monsters are fun and the story and game map are interesting.

Very insignificant but necessary functions, when opening eggs by clicking on the screen, quickly skip the preview, and also when activating monster tokens, you need to activate each time not one at a time, but immediately as many as the number of tokens allows! P.S. There are so many nuances in the game, I have described only a couple of them!

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What’s New:
*Bug Fixes

Name Mana Monsters: Epic Puzzle RPG
Version 3.18.0
Price FREE
Rating 4.3 (3315 ratings)
Category Codes
Update October 21, 2022
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