Brick Master – Classic Triple Match is an exciting logic game for adults and children with great graphics and pleasant music. The game will help not only develop attentiveness and perseverance, but will also be an excellent simulator for training memory. Your task is to find three identical cards on a large field filled with bright pictures. You need to do this in the minimum time, and not make a mistake. Only by finding all the same pictures, you can get access to a new level. Develop mindfulness, train your memory and set new records!

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Codes Expiration Date Total
xW85HzdRJQb November 3, 2022 785
UbcF8KkLoRCv November 15, 2022 502
e25HfrGFqY October 23, 2022 859
LBIlDAFhGk3 October 31, 2022 993
PJkNpeFqgWU October 23, 2022 272

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Give it a 3. The game is fun and easily enjoyable, then the ads set in. No really they do and the ads are intrusive and over the top. Developers say it's to keep the games free that is fine I get it but, when the developers have more ads then gameplay it isn't fun anymore. I have accidently clicked an ad during a round because while playing the ad popped up. Not fun having to struggle to click that ad off screen when it finished only to keep going to the Google playstore for said game.

The game itself is fine and I love it, but the CONSTANT ads make it stressful and completely not worth it at all. Ads before a level, after a level, in the middle of a level, and half the time you can't close the box and have to close the whole game and bring it back up. So many times the watch and ad to recall three tiles just restarts the level. It's absolutely ridiculous.

Not worth your time. I finally had to uninstall it. What should be a simple, fun game is not worth the number of ads you have to sit through and screen freezes. You don't earn many points from game play, compared to the points it takes to get shuffles or hints required to complete a grid. Such a disappointment.

If you like 3-tile games or visual puzzle games, I definitely recommend giving this one a go. It's is like many 3-tile games, but you can customize your tile set, background, and click animation for free. Even the hints and such are more obtainable for free players. As for the ads, they are tolerable, and I haven't noticed any increase in ads as I level up (unlike the other Higgs game I reviewed). If they bother you, the cost to remove them is ~$4, which is pretty standard.

Sometimes I touch a tile at least 10 times before it will move, which is bad because this game is basically timed - you earn stars based on how fast you touch the tiles. Since the tiles won't move when I touch them, I "lose" & have to watch a 30 second ad to be able to continue. I spend more time on ads than playing the game so although I've been playing this game a couple of years, I think I'm done.

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Brick Master – Classic Triple Match Tier List

-Fixed Bug
-Fixed Crash

Name Tile Master® – Classic Match
Version 2.7.18
Price FREE
Rating 4.6 (231198 ratings)
Category Codes
Update October 21, 2022
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