Plague Inc. is a strategic simulation game that offers a unique twist on global pandemics. The objective is to create and evolve a deadly pathogen capable of wiping out humanity. With a wide range of pathogens, players can customize their disease’s attributes to maximize the spread and effectiveness. It requires careful planning and strategic decision-making to adapt to changing conditions, such as government countermeasures and scientific advancements. Can you create the ultimate plague and outsmart humanity’s efforts to survive? Engage in an intense battle for global domination in Plague Inc.

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I've been playing since it released years ago and its one of the few mobile games that I sincerely would reccomend. This game isnt just a constant stream of ads disguised as a game like most everything else out there, and you can unlock 95% of the paid content by just playing, but the paid content is absolutely worth it! it isnt one of those games that has "gems" or "energy" mechanics designed to force you to spend actual money to play. Easy to learn, addictive, and massively replayable.

Used to be a really fun game, but not as fun now. I miss when the speed thing was free and we didn't have to purchase it. I don't like how some abilities don't always work such as decreasing research speed. If you have something upgraded all the way the gameplay is still really slow. Also even if you use this strat or that strat, it feels like the entire game in one session is just rng. Then if you lose you have to waste a whole other 30-45 minutes to start over.

If you don't mind losing a few times before figuring out the correct strategy for each mission, then you'll be rewarded with reasonably fun game play. Negative: Sometimes you won't know which disease upgrade works for you in your situation, until you spend upgrade points to try it out. Quitting the game makes a save point, but if you get the wrong upgrade, you can't go back to an earlier save point. And that wrong upgrade can mean you just lost the mission that took 30+ minutes so far.

The game is killer!! Definitely fun to play and a variety of ways to play your plague. I had the premium back on Iphone years ago when it first came out. Only problem currently is it won't let me upgrade to premium. Keep up the great work! Edit: Changed to 5 star. I figured out it wouldn't let me upgrade to premium because I kept trying to do it when I had little to no phone service. Tried it at home on wifi and got premium. Thanks for a killer game and keeping premium cheap!! You guys rock!

This is a very fun strategy game. the varying levels of difficulty and scenarios have kept it interesting for years. I was a little disappointed to see my progress from my old phone was gone but i have been enjoying playing the game again and unlocking everything. my absolutely favorite part is that you can unlock EVERYTHING just by playing though! theres the option to buy with real money but if your patient the entire game can be FREE. More games like this please! Keep up the good work!

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Can you infect the world? Save the world from a novel virus emerging from the melting permafrost!

New Special Pandemic for Plague Inc: The Cure.

Race to analyse an unknown disease.
Adapt to the new threat with new initiatives, abilities and tactics.
Discover the mystery behind the Frozen Virus!

1.19.10 - Bug fixes and improvements
1.19.11 - Improved device capability
1.19.12 - Bug fixes and improvements
1.19.13 - Bug fixes

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