Train Conductor World – you have probably come across a lot of similar games where it is important to direct vehicles, as well as make efforts so that they do not collide.

It’s time to try your hand among the trains, and also the electric trains, it is important to spread arrows in time and direct the earth’s transport so that the trains do not touch each other. Moreover, each train must be in its own depot, no matter what. If you pass the level well, you will receive a part of the road as a gift, it should be installed on the global map, then access to new locations will open. This is an excellent gameplay for those who love extraordinary simulators.

Active Train Conductor World VIP Codes

0a8jv7xxxxx Get

- Gold x1854K, Gems x751, Coins x36715

M2m1bVxxxxx Get

- Diamonds x945, Money x21834, Resources x8179K

Train Conductor World Codes

List of Train Conductor World Codes

Gift CodesExpiration DateTotal
iWcMJmAqxV4June 23, 2023245
VJ6X0qaPlQ9vJuly 4, 2023611
brLYdnatq4July 27, 2023107
v2qxGBJ7iQhJuly 9, 2023808
JCGsadcZHQbJune 23, 2023157

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Train Conductor World Tier List

Would rate 5 stars if certain, really bad oddities were fixed... Great concept, almost great execution. Many times, when trying to move a train, it's almost impossible to click the right one when two or more are close. Highlight the train you're clicking on so at least you know? When the round finishes, I've had trains automatically create tracks for themselves and crash into others. I'm the conductor, and yet I lack proper control of the trains during freak moments, and it's a bit frustrating.

All I could ask for in a game. Multiple levels of difficulties. Many mini games using the same world. World building. Ability to upgrade track pieces. Tons of different layout options. And the one game it seems that everyone begs for new levels but playing the current levels is still equally fun. Getting new game pieces can take a bit when the price gets too high, but there are a lot of ways to get a new track piece.

Great game I have been playing it for 2 years. The reason I gave it 3 is because you will never see a update. Maybe one day the developers will give life to the game again. Their no goals no once you connect the map. If any player is looking for ideas to continue playing longer. What I have done is shortened each track time to stock yard to max profit. Another Idea make it where a train can leave any city and travel to any other city in the map. That mean going around other city.

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Train Conductor World Wiki

1. Control trains. 2. Build routes! * New location added *
Lay tracks to Porto in Portugal. This new location is inspired by the classic Train Conductor game that started it all!

- Added the ability to delete your Save-Game from the cloud, in case you like living on the edge.
- Quick trade buttons won't let you accidentally mix branches and non-branches.

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