Oceanborn: Survival on Raft is an exhilarating survival game set in the vast and treacherous ocean. Stranded on a raft, players must navigate the choppy waters, collect resources, and craft essential tools to survive. With no land in sight, you must rely on your wits and ingenuity to fend off hungry sharks, battle unpredictable weather conditions, and uncover the mysteries of the deep. Will you conquer the ocean and find a way home, or will you become just another victim of the unforgiving sea?

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- 100 wood, 50 rope, 10 steel ingots, 5 fish, 200 gold, 3 gems, 2 diamonds, 1 ruby, 1 iron axe, 1 fishing rod.

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- 100 gold, 50 gems, $500, 10 diamonds, 200 wood, 5 potions, 2 swords, 3 compasses, 7 food.

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b7KmINtd189November 9, 2023
E6TBMu41SX419November 12, 2023
BXwTvcLun288October 7, 2023
SuGZtgWwkv5675October 9, 2023
0vTNzS14mo624November 10, 2023

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Cant use the bed. I tried to put some roof, lights, walls and everything i thought that its necessary inorder for the bed to function. I tried switching off the lights hoping that it would work but it didn't please fix that. The nighstand also I think is buged because it function just like the chest I tried putting some lamp because as the name implies "night stand" it just stored it and it didn't do a thing. Please fix that. And also try putting some building mode so that it's easier to adjust the chairs, plants, trees, everything. Add also some island for exploring. Thanks.

1 star off because the game could use a guide for how to do things, but overall it's fine. It took like 30 minutes to figure out how to do everything and I'm having fun. I like that food doesn't spoil so I can just cook and stock up and eat it when I need it. Nets help a lot so I'm not spending all my time trying to collect things. The shark has not proven to be a problem yet so I do get confused when it comes around if it's supposed to be a threat. This is a nice leisurely game.

I figured out how to navigate the controls, but it was very frustrating. I agree with other reviewers that this game badly needs a guide to the game mechanics. That being said...there isn't much content to this game at all. After a couple hours I have crafted all useful items and am now bored of it. It would be better if there was some goal to aim for to keep players engaged. With some work this could be a fun game, but it's just not there yet. At most, I can give this game 2 stars.

I like the consept but there is no instruction or help to teach you what is needed. Not sure if you can expand the raft to have space. I have build a purifier and the metal cup to clear water and added wood to the purifier I think but not sure how to ignite it. And then the water how do I add it to the purifier. My person is gonna die because I'm not sure what to do. Using the grappling hook was good but it would help if you can catch a fish with it too.

Game is great although could use fixes you see sometimes when you get the cup off the distiller it appears somewhere else in your inventory. Plant growing seeds could grow a little faster. The potatoes grow too fast slow it down and they are overpowered so change them. An idea to change the potatoes you could make them grow faster from fertilizer and they take like 3-4 ingame days to grow without it to grow. Palm trees have the same effects but grow slow fix it. Thank you.

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Gather resources, craft items and try to survive on your raft in the ocean... - Added new items
- Improved shark behavior
- Improved performance
- Balance fixes
- UI fixes
- Fixed bugs

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