Crossout Mobile is an exciting PvP action game that puts you in the driver’s seat of powerful post-apocalyptic vehicles. Build your own unique machine using a wide range of parts and weapons, then take it into battle against other players in thrilling multiplayer matches. Customize your ride with armor, guns, and gadgets to gain the upper hand in combat. Engage in intense, fast-paced battles and prove your skills as you compete for supremacy in the wastelands. Get ready for adrenaline-pumping action in Crossout Mobile!

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I like the game concept, and it has a ton of build possibilities. I'm a big fan of these types of games. Only minor things are keeping me from giving it 5 stars. The controls are tricky at times and could be designed better. Scoring is sometimes confusing when working on quests or challenges. I have witnessed other players get credit for kills or assists when they weren't in the battle. PVP battles need to be balanced. An average vehicle with put in a match with a grossly overpowered one.

Up until the latest update I'd say this was a 4.5-5 star game, it was fun. It hit on the ability to create cool stuff, have fun and blow stuff up. What more could you want. It's turning into a pay to win game, but had a somewhat fair matchmaking that let those who couldn't pay to win have a chance to enjoy the basics. Now they have changed the function of parts and compatability of wheels, and it has made most builds unplayable. The developers have gotten greedy.

The game is fully rigged. There are lots of cheaters. Your machine is controlled partially by yourself, mostly by the server. Try to back up and it purposely moves you forward into a rigged attack. Shoot at other vehicles and there's no damage. The building part is good except when parts disappear suddenly. Servers should not be able to play against regular players. Also, they always make the battles unfair, there's no balance. When car doesn't respond correctly, better to quit that battle.

Can't even make it through the tutorial on a new account. It locks me in the building phase and stuck on Leviathan tab even though it isn't unlocked at lvl 2. Update: I reloaded the game and just settled with my old account. It's working fine so far without complaints. And I do enjoy the game a lot. I haven't tried to set up a new account again. I believe it's something to look into to ensure it can be troubleshot by the wizards.

It was great up until the most recent update ruined the mechanics of combining movement parts of different types, prior to the update interesting things would happen when certain wheels were combined with legs, or rocket thrusters, for example. It really hampers creativity in building and battle style. The resulting builds are going to be pretty bland and underwhelming. Its not really worth it to buy combat packs now. In response to developer feedback... Mixing parts is part of the fun

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Build your indestructible battle сar, win in vehicle combat, PvP & PVE battles! • Update 1.25.0 is already available!
• New Battle pass season “From the depths”, dedicated to the “Hyperborea” faction!
• New seasonal pack “Prophet” based on the unique cabin “Muninn”.
• A workbench for producing seasonal parts.
• New map “Polar Volcano”!
• A temporary event “Bounty hunting” will begin on November 24.
• Changed the mechanics of damage resistance and the balance of structural parts.
• Implemented various balance changes.
• Fixed various bugs.
• Improved interface.

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