Dungeon Legends: Card RPG Game is a turn-based card RPG with walker elements based on cult titles like Darkest Dungeon. An exciting, but full of dangers journey into the world of randomly generated creepy dungeons awaits you.

Fight monsters, collect cards and artifacts. Combine the found cards, creating units, as well as various skills and abilities. In the game you will find many dungeons, epic bosses, more than 50 unique maps and more than six dozen different religions. Test your strength in a turn-based battle system and defeat the monsters of the highest level.

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e6zEoOxxxxx Get

- Gold x1286K, Gems x786, Coins x53629

v7Fa9gxxxxx Get

- Diamonds x943, Money x48713, Resources x9317K

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QphrYE4UXT5March 13, 2023924
C7wQS849iJpXMay 1, 2023999
jlkS8LTo1pApril 15, 2023571
vKLRP3cygs0March 27, 2023387
28FY5kCEIAjMarch 25, 2023741

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Would love to see a rehaul of the warrior class. Mechanics are very basic and the armor system basically forces you to take damage unless you have a good hand. Also, question mark rooms are repetitive and I pretty much already know all the good options. Overall it is a highly addictive game. Warlock class is so satisfying to play and there's so many different ways to build it. Hope you guys update soon! :)

Great game, love the addition of the daily challenges because it makes the gameplay so much more fun. However, I wish there were more variety as well. Perhaps there could be a side gameplay of an endless mode? It may get boring after a while but I think it'll be pretty cool to become overpowered and see how far I can go FYI, there seems to be occasional glitches/bugs whee the enemy does 0 attack. Overall great game to play every once in a while:)

This game is extremely similar to slay the spire but different enough to were it feels like a unique game. If your a fan of deck building Rouge likes I would highly recommend this game. The amount of adds can be annoying but considering the game is free its not to bad to have to sit through a few adds per run.

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