Craving for McDonald’s but can’t go out? Worry not! McDelivery PH is here to satisfy your hunger pangs. With just a few clicks on their website or a quick call to their hotline, you can enjoy your all-time favorites delivered right to your doorstep. From their iconic Big Mac to their scrumptious Chicken McNuggets, McDelivery PH has got you covered. With their fast and reliable delivery service, you don’t have to wait long to satisfy your McDonald’s cravings. Order now and indulge in a delicious meal without leaving your home.

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- 50% off on your first order, free McFlurry with any purchase, 20% off on all combo meals, and a free burger for every Php500 spent.

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- 50% off any meal, free large fries with any order, free dessert with purchase of any burger.

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Password always does not work and have to reset every time I will login. I have changed password more than 10 times now and is also slow to sync. Also how desperate are you to upsell?? All products on the app forcefully includes drinks/sides, with no option to change unless I buy a bunch of chicken or a bunch of rice. Greed and incompetence combined.

Always a disappointment. Past orders arrived after an hour. I had to even pick up my own order from the branch (last app use) because it was taking so long to arrive. They seem to have a persistent problem with their partner courier. I keep giving McDonald's a chance to redeem itself, but it's futile given the consistently bad experience I have had with your app. Stick to ordering via Grab or Food Panda.

Editing this from 2 to 1 star. Still needs fixing. No feedback option for wrong orders. Home address option is faulty; could not input address even if it was less than 50 characters. Order tracker is not working. Annoying since your app has been around for yeaaars and i don't recall it being this bad.

Very inconvenient. Don't use this app. They don't leave us the number of the rider so if you have concerns, you won't know the rider's location or number. My order is now going 1 hour late (and running, it hasn't arrived yet) but I can't contact the rider even if I asked the customer service. Update: Worse, the rider didn't have my number, too. I had problems with pinning my location. In the end. I didn't receive my order at all. It's been 2 weeks and I still haven't received my refund.

Has more selections and meal customization than grab/food panda which varies by branch. UI is also more preferrable. Although the app has sometimes failed to inform me of the current status of my order. Saying the order is still in the kitchen, the next minute it's already at my door, to my surprise.

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The new McDelivery App is here to satisfy your cravings with just a few taps.​ Enjoy an updated, modern interface and address pinning designed to make ordering at McDonald’s via McDelivery easier. The latest update extends McDelivery’s coverage so that we can deliver to more customers! Already within a few minutes away from the store? Pick-up is now a fulfillment option! Check on your order status worry-free with an updated Order Tracker and Live Chat function!

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