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- "Free sandwich, 25% off, $10 gift card, BOGO deal."

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- 1. Free sandwich 2. 50% off appetizer 3. BOGO drinks 4. Free dessert 5. $10 off meal

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Primanti Bros. FanFare Rewards

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05J7X9TSMay 28, 2024
HUR2OEZ7LBJune 1, 2024
QBJI3OL69June 21, 2024
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EFMSXULHQJJune 24, 2024
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NQ594YBM0May 19, 2024

How to Redeem Code?

To redeem a Primanti Bros. FanFare Rewards coupon, present it to your server during your visit and enjoy discounts or special offers on your order.

Primanti Bros. FanFare Rewards Coupon Reviews

I've had nothing but problems with ordering from this app. From showing up to the store and finding out the order never went through even though it said it did, to just plain crashing every time you hit the order button more recently (and also over the past 6 months or so). I really enjoy Primanti's overall, but this app really needs some work. I've missed out on many reward points by not being able to order through the app.

This is my second time ordering thru the app and I'll never do it again. I order my slaw, fries and tomatoes on the side and both times they've forgotten them. My child's dipping sauce was missing again. The app gets 5 stars for ease but i rated it a 2 because who cares how well it works if they always mess up the order. Too bad pickup is so terrible

What's not to love? U have Primantis food, + easy app that gives u perks/ points for eating the best sandwiches in the world! LOL I like using it for curbside. Hubby's order's always different than the menu version. The app helps make it more accurate. It's nice to use if u want a quick stop, grab & go pick up. Remember the app is for the corporate chain & not the original Strip restaurant/bar!

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