Golden Farm Codes (2023 December) 2.18.26

Last update November 25, 2023

Golden Farm is a captivating online game that allows players to immerse themselves in the world of virtual farming. With its charming graphics and engaging gameplay, players can grow crops, raise animals, and build their dream farm. The game offers a wide range of tasks and challenges, from planting and harvesting crops to trading goods with other players. Its social aspect allows players to join forces with friends and compete in exciting competitions. Indulge your farming fantasies and create your own golden farm today!

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M50huiDO521December 12, 2023
wta9NvpGb7699November 27, 2023
Guzd2hZ4R421November 30, 2023
l8OYPRWcZNS882January 16, 2024
MA3QSrRZcl654December 27, 2023

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Frustrated. I don't want to see a long ad everytime I open the game; I like it when ads are optional for coins or something, but I hate mandatory ads. I played for a few days, but the ads were annoying enough to make me look elsewhere. There are also a few laggy glitches when harvesting crops/ animal products. The game froze once too after completing a new building; it didn't help that I had to sit through another ad after closing and re-opening the game.

I like some of the unique features I like the movie show effect of flashing real. Some things are easier for me to see with my visual impairment issues. I do wish we could put buildings in our own location on the property. It's hard for me to see around buildings due to my visual impairment. Yes I would have them further apart for that reason. Going to start with me we would need more property to begin with which may not be desirable for game features. Definitely like it better than Farmville.

Update: I started to really like it but, very expensive for a free game. Spent $15 already out of cash and diamonds, level 17. Storage is all full (expensive upgrade) Can't get any further without spending another $15 on the cheapest pop-up now, or playing very slowly :( I'd say about $10 a day to enjoy. Great graphics, but I'm just tired of "free games" costing a fortune, especially when we're all unemployed, stuck at home and broke

I enjoy the game and like that it grows slowly. I don't like games that get really difficult within days. I've been playing about 2 months and have stayed actively playing, which is rare for me. Only thing I'd like changed is make it easier to gather wood. Especially now I can't watch adds for it. I need wood to make too much stuff.

The first 10 or so levels are a bit boring, but keep playing. The game is super cute and fun. I wish things that took forever was worth more to sell, but eh. I also hope they make some things less time consuming to make, and a few on each machine that take a while so you can have it making while you sleep. Over all, i give it 4 stars. It's one of the better ones.

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Build a farm, grow plants, feed animals! Go on exciting adventures to islands!

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