Kings Legion is an epic strategy game that lets players build their own kingdom, train mighty armies, and conquer rival lands. With stunning graphics, immersive gameplay, and an expansive world map, players are thrust into the captivating realm of medieval warfare. Form alliances with other players, wage large-scale battles, and strategize your way to victory. Will you rise to become the mightiest ruler in Kings Legion? Join the battle today and prove your worth as a true leader!

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- 1000 gold, 5 gems, 2 rubies, 3 diamond, 1 legendary equipment, 50 resources, 2000 money, 10,000 diamonds, 5 items, 1 rare equipment.

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- Gold,1000,gems,1500,money,5000,diamonds,1000,resources,2000,equipment,5,items,10

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XPv9OfxM134October 9, 2023
j7CrFzbYMl781October 2, 2023
M3tcJyFjq790September 22, 2023
KZG3A4vNXp5650October 21, 2023
aZA9zqvGHb483October 7, 2023

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Kings Legion Tier List

This game is like many others of this type, and it's pretty bad. First of all it's glitchy. For example, you build up your kingdom and you you get free speedups. When you use the free speedups, usually about an hour or so later you get an alert on your phone saying that your free speedup pool is full. You need to CONSTANTLY search for resources, and when you do it will say there aren't any near your castle, but there are. The part where this becomes awful is when you get your castle to level 25. There is no level after that. Not only that, but to upgrade ANY construction from level 24 to level 25 you need to buy a "Great Architect Certificate" which will cost you 2,000 gems. You need that each of your over 50 buildings which guessed it! You need to spend the money. Also by this point, the amount of resources needed to train or do any construction is incredibly high and will take you MONTHS to collect. And they just reduced the amount of resources you can get on top of it. It's a waste of time, you will receive THOUSANDS of alerts on your phone that you can't turn off....Just skip it completely.

Uninstalled. Game constantly sends notifications about every 30 minutes. Even with all notifications turned off. Had it for a day. Kept waking me up in the middle of the night. Wouldn't stop so, it's gone. I'm not a patient person so, there's way too much to do in game also. As far as the puzzle game part goes, it is good but, you have to constantly upgrade your castle and all the other buildings to access the puzzles.

Update: Six months later and the issues are still happening. Every couple weeks something changes and I can't login for a few days. It has been over a week and a half and the game won't even load. I've emailed the developer multiple times and after the first correspondence where they told me to do the basic uninstall and reinstall I heard nothing. I've tried multiple times to clear the cache and data, reinstall and it still won't load. Terrible support, especially since it won't even load.

I've had this game for quite some time now, I think it's been a few years at least. For the last 6 months, every few weeks, have freezes up and can no longer log in. It's very frustrating, because of raids and events where your resources can be plundered and soldiers killed, gets very expensive as far as using your in game resources to build up your kingdom again. This becomes time consuming, and lowers the fun factor of the game.

Needs to fix puzzle 60! I did that almost 200times and haven't made it. I even watched YouTube videos but on some videos, the character didn't turn around while elevation and it turned at the top floor which made it easier. On my phone every time my character turned and can't ride on the elevator so frustrating!! Most of time also kept falling at the space between the elevator and the totems

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Immerse yourself in this magic 3D world of fantasy and myth NOW! It's springtime. We would like to give you a seed of hope and a small shovel, so that you may plant a tree of joy and blossom with happiness this spring! We have a variety of events for you in these hopeful days!
- Spring Blossoms: Complete quests to claim massive rewards.
- Birds and Flowers: Complete daily quests to collect.
- Melody of Life: Collect festive items to redeem for generous rewards and limited Chat Bubbles.

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