Fail Run is a thrilling new mobile game that challenges your reflexes and perseverance. Embark on an exhilarating journey as you navigate through obstacle-filled levels in a race against time. With each failed attempt, you’ll learn from your mistakes and become even more determined to conquer the course. The visually stunning graphics and heart-pumping soundtrack will keep you on the edge of your seat. Are you ready to embrace the thrill of the Fail Run? Download now!

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A VERY unique, ragdoll physics game. It would be enjoyable IF it didn't force an ad on you every 3rd or 4th attempt. After just several minutes I just want to play the game, but end up spending as much time trying to skip ads as I do playing the game itself. That aside, it's a great time-burner, but PLEASE DECRRASE THE FORCED ADS!!!!!

While creative and a bit entertaining, it's obvious this game is nothing but an ad farm. Clunky controls and weird physics will mean frequent retries, which is intentional since clunkiness is the challenge. However, the game also throws up an ad around every 3 fails, which doesn't mix well when you fail frequently to intentional jank. Not to mention, despite the constant gameplay-stopping ads, there's also ads that play during gameplay for some reason to milk even more revenue.

It's a fun game, for an ad farm. Initially it played an ad every 3 games. Now it plays an ad after every game. Every game lasts around 30 seconds, if that. DURING the game, an ad will play in the corner at whatever volume your phone is at. People really do be coming up with new and creative ways to constantly bombard you with advertisements...

It is a very fun game, just for me, to many adds all at once, and when I do unlock a legendary it asks me to unlock it again, but overall an amazing game!

Level 104 is impossible the rocks. this game is frustrating i just want to break my phone. 0/10. i wish i could put zero on ratings i hope the team changes this. Can you please remove that level thank you.

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