The Super Warriors are an elite group of fighters, handpicked from around the world for their extraordinary abilities. Trained in various forms of martial arts, they possess incredible strength, speed, and agility. Their mission is to protect innocent lives, fighting against injustice and evil forces that threaten peace and harmony. Clad in their signature suits, reinforced with cutting-edge technology, they are unstoppable in their pursuit of justice. With teamwork and determination, the Super Warriors are a force to be reckoned with, always ready to save the day and inspire others with their bravery.

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Great game, but pls fix the controls, also can you PLEASE fix the camera angle, I dies multiple times due to a fall because I cant tell if I'm far enough to land on the platforms, also I can tell how far back or front the enemy's are because of this issue. Pls fix.

It's a cool game, but if we could get an option to go from base form to super sayian... like a permanent transformation

Your game is good and it's nearly to become a perfect, but it has a little problem, the character has a small number why don't you add more, and the moves to attack make it better than the old, make figthing in the air, make the character fly while figthing. add more special skills your story mode follow the original story of dragon ball not like the old one, its just like a super mario jumping to the next steps. Make it better and you make the gamers satisfied.

This game is awesome !!! 5 stars rate. So what can you do in the game, question ? Well it's got different DBZ characters, adventure mode, local battle , and last transformations. And also, the combos are a little good I guess. and the controls to seems to be okay, but just needs a little bit more improve. Other than that it's still a good game. And fun !!! 😎👍

Amazing I have to say great combo moves and the flying is good but the way they move I think it would be better if you just make they run and could you add more characters to the game I have only played it for one day and I have bought all of the characters

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Fight and defeat all enemies -New Fly ability (Only for Battle mode).
-New 3D models for all characters.

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