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Last update February 14, 2024

“Keep your vision clear and focused on your goals. Clarity of purpose is essential for success in any endeavor. Take the time to clear your mind of distractions and doubt, allowing yourself to move forward with confidence and determination. By maintaining a clear perspective, you can make informed decisions and take deliberate actions that lead to positive outcomes. Embrace the clarity in your life, whether it be in your work, relationships, or personal development. With clear intentions and a clear mind, anything is possible. Stay clear, stay focused, and keep moving forward.”

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CLEAR Reviews

App is fine, but the service itself is generally worthless. TSA pre check alone is faster at most locations. They need to fix their technology and staff appropriately. I don't see the benefit. I have to show my ID and get an eye scan, and they take up more time trying to enroll me in their upgraded system every time I go through. Save your money and skip it.

Was prompted to verify via linked in. I dont like linked in's app though got it and jumped through every hoop to verify, and it said it doesn't like my Google voice phone, so used my carrier number and reset. I repeated the entire process including password and uploading passport, drivers license, COVID vacc info, and... "Something went wrong, try again later." Tried later, same message. Definitely will delete app if this isn't resolved. You wasted my time so far. 5 stars if you fix. Help?!

Difficult to navigate, does not work well, and the scan your vaccination card option does not work. And under FAQ it suggests that you can very easily cancel your membership by going into your account and clicking "cancel" but that is not an option I see in my account. Maybe because I signed up for the free option? I only downloaded the app to attend a game. Instead, I will just arrive early and go through the in-person screening. 2 stars instead of 0 because the customer service was lovely.

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