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Self – Build Credit & Savings

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Self – Build Credit & Savings Coupon Reviews

A massive boost by itself, and then went on to become the literal foundational building block, of my steadily growing credit health!! I couldn't possibly say enough great things about it. Get it. Follow the directions. Make minute financial contributions, (ie, interest, past due accounts, etc)... Reap the benefits, with a large initial boost in your credit score, and then pick up the reins yourself.. You won't regret it!

It worked fine until the last update, now not only do I have to sign in on line, but it takes 4-5 times to get into my account. I have to sign in multiple times (each time getting bounced back to the sign in screen on the app) before I can get into my account. 4/1/24: update: the most recent update is even worse! Every time I try to sign in, it not only kicks me out of the app, but it shuts the app down! The app crashes every time I try to sign in!

I paid over 800 dollars in two years. Was expecting to use this as a savings program. They are telling me I'm getting 39 dollars back...It very clearly states on the page at the amount I agreed to pay monthly that I will get back 717 dollars at the end of the term, also very suspiciously it seems it is impossible to screen shot that page. I will be using an actual camera to take a shot of that page. I did sign up for the credit card, however I never received it, never used it, and canceled it.

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