The Backrooms is a chilling concept that takes you beyond reality. It is believed that these rooms exist beyond our everyday realm, accessible only through accidental entry. The Backrooms is a seemingly endless maze of carpeted rooms, with no clear exit in sight. The eerie, fluorescent lighting and eerie silence add to the claustrophobic and unsettling atmosphere. Explorers have reported encountering strange entities and phenomena, heightening the sense of dread. It is a world where reality blurs and survival becomes the ultimate goal. Enter at your own risk.

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- 10 gold, 5 gems, 3 diamonds, 2 rubies, 1 legendary equipment, 20 resources, 1000 money, 1 rare item, 4 equipment, 50 gold.

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- 400 gold, 250 gems, $100, 50 diamonds, 200 resources, powerful sword, healing potion, enchanted amulet, rare artifact.

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Fear – Phantomia 1 Horror Game Codes

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Gift CodesTotalExpiration Date
KEPNW48e836November 10, 2023
JLEF9tSPg8568November 8, 2023
lhwTi2mKc595October 17, 2023
AzVoQxH0hcw692November 13, 2023
Ipck3nEHqS140October 27, 2023

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Fear – Phantomia 1 Horror Game Tier List

Nice little demo game of the Backrooms. The game's graphics are very good, however the controls are a little clunky. Especially the movement pad which is way off center. It makes Level 0's Balance Room especially difficult to complete. Sometimes, trying to swipe on the movement pad makes the player turn around. The Backrooms aesthetic is a fauthful recreation of the original and the entities are balanced fairly. The Smiler on Level 2 was a nice suprise as well. I wish Level 1 was playable 7/10

Right now I can only give 3 stars. This game has lots of potential... Few things I don't like and hope they change it. - Controls are pretty good, however the left directional is set to one spot. it's positioned too high up. - how the hell do you climb ladders..I've been unable to do so .what's the trick? - Way too many entity's for level 0. 1 maybe 2 is enough. If items are fixed I'll give more stars.. Developers need to comment on my review, show you somewhat care. Or I delete game.

This is exceptionally good! But would be nice to have some extra settings like sensitivity as it's hard to look around without double scrolling the screen. also water level had a map mesh problem with a wall where the double staircase was as I was able to walk through it and fall out of the map. But still, this is an excellent game. Please continue to update.

I love This Game! This is the Most Epic Backroom Game i found for Android and IOS, But i had Some Issues in the game, Maybe you can Add Some Sensitivity In The Game i am Having a Hard time to control the Screen, And Also Controlling the Screen, Because whenever i tried to Control the Joystick or Running in the Game, the Screen Follows The Joystick which its A Bit Issue for me, I hope you can Add some those in the settings, Keep on going making this game :)

Welp. Both level 2 levels are unplayable. Went to youtube to see if its just me n it seems no one can do any of lvl 2 and just park and pipe room is just impossible, you definitely need to rethink them..they are terrible..otherwise its fine as far as i can see but id make next lvl after lvl2 free seeing as no one can actually pass them. Definitely one of the better backrooms games. Just crying shame about the way lvl 2 is made

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Fear – Phantomia 1 Horror Game Wiki

Experience Backrooms - RB with stunning graphics on your mobile device. --- version 2.2.7 ---
- Added support for Android 9 and 14
- Reverted to the old menu settings
- Fixed various bugs
- increase loading time
- Fixed loop loading screen issue

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