Dot it: Connect the Dots is a fun and challenging puzzle game that will test your observation and connection skills. The game consists of a series of dots arranged in a specific pattern. Your task is to connect the dots in the correct order to reveal a hidden image or shape. With each level, the puzzles become more complex and intricate, requiring careful thinking and planning. Are you up for the challenge? Take your time, connect the dots, and unlock the mysteries within!

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Way too many ads, seriously. Levels take at most 2 minutes, and you're lucky if you get an ad after 2 levels, usually you get one after every level. Plus the banner ad constantly at the bottom. Add on the fact that it's way too easy to mistap on a powerup, taking gameplay away from you, and you've got yourself a game I don't hate, but one that has lots of room to improve.

Beautifully designed and easy to use app. Puzzles are not quantum physics for sure so the app could be really entertaining for kids. ☺️ (I'm not sure what's in chapter 100 but the beginning might be boring for adults - maybe users should have the option to choose difficulty or filter levels according to their age.) Tons of ads are really disruptive - there are one between all the levels - it means you have to watch approximately 2 ads / minute. But it's still a fine game after all.

A new and different twist on other coloring apps in that it uses dots and neon lights, which makes it seem more like your own drawing. The colors are brilliant, and remind me of that classic game 'Lite Brite', which makes it a keeper for me. It'a a nice, welcome change from the many coloring apps. AAA++!

The only reason why it doesn't have a 5 is because after every puzzle I finish there is always and ad pop up. If we can lessen the amount that ads pop up that would be great. It's very relaxing game for people who have anxiety like myself

They throw so many ads at you trying to get you to pay to get rid of them you barely get a chance to try the game out. The "power ups" are just super annoying cheats that take up a huge part of the play area. So much so that I kept hitting them on accident. The screen refuses to stay at the zoom that I set it for. Constantly moving in at the start of a new puzzle. And the deal breaker is that you see these vague shapes but then the game fills them in when done. Just let us connect them too.

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